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Analysis of 2012 California U.S. House Races

by: cali_girl_in_texas

Mon Jul 09, 2012 at 23:42:19 PM PDT

Now that the primary dust is settled and I have some time, I can present my analysis of the California districts this year. With top-two, we have some more interesting races to watch. With the lack of a write-in option in the November elections, I came up with a new safer-than-safe rating, "Guaranteed". The outcomes will not be different from the "Safe" races, but I like having them separated, because some of the "Guaranteed" races will be interesting to watch.
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Redistricting California 2010, v2.0: Let Only 6 Republicans Be Safe

by: MattTX

Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 19:07:43 PM PST

Taking into account some suggestions and comments, I made some changes to my previous attempt at redistricting California. I conceded an additional 2 seats to the GOP, which concomitantly makes a number of other seats more strongly Democratic. The additional 2 safe GOP seats are CA-4 and CA-48. Here's what version 2 looks like, overall:

Statewide Map, Version 2

For comparison, here is Version 1:

Statewide Map, Version 1

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Redistricting California 2010: Let Only 4 Republicans Be Safe

by: MattTX

Sat Oct 24, 2009 at 08:18:33 AM PDT

I decided to try my hand at redistricting California's Congressional districts for 2010-2012, using Dave's Redistricting App. After playing around with it a bit, here's what the map I came up with looks like overall:

Here's the 2008 Obama/McCain vote in California, on the precinct level:

Read on for a detailed analysis and breakdown:

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CA-32: Judy Chu Becomes A Congresswoman Today

by: David Dayen

Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 20:50:22 PM PDT

I almost forgot about this, but today was Election Day in CA-32, a runoff from the May 19 primary between the top vote-getters in each party.  Judy Chu and Betty Tom Chu, who depending on who you talk to either are or are not related, are the leading candidates, but given the makeup of the district it's a near-certainty that Judy Chu will emerge victorious tonight and become a member of Congress.  LA County has reported the early vote totals:

Judy Chu 8,490 (61.12%); Betty Chu 4,623 (33.28%); CM Agrella 777 (5.59%)

This won't be a results thread, just a congratulations to Judy Chu, who will make a great Representative.  Now, somebody ask her tomorrow about the public plan.

UPDATE: "Semi-official" totals from LA County:

Semi-final election night results: Judy Chu 15,238 (61.67%); Betty Chu 8,185 (33.12%); CM Agrella 1,287 (5.21%)...24,942 ballots processed.
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A political postmortem of CD-32

by: Dante Atkins

Sat May 23, 2009 at 04:40:39 AM PDT

The ballots have been cast and officially counted in CA-32.  The final numbers by percentage:

Judy Chu 32.64%
Gil Cedillo 23.23%
Emanuel Pleitez 13.4%
Betty Chu 10.44%

So...what's the aftermath and what can we learn--besides, of course, that Judy Chu will defeat her distant cousin easily on July 14?  Postmortem below the flip.

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CA-32 and LA Local Elections Results Thread

by: David Dayen

Tue May 19, 2009 at 22:09:27 PM PDT

I threw the rest below the fold.  Here's the latest update with 65% reporting in CA-32:

JUDY CHU DEM 11832 33.31
GIL CEDILLO DEM 8800 24.78
BETTY CHU REP 3518 9.91

Though the lead continues to shrink, I don't think Cedillo can make up 3,000 votes with what's left out there.  Judy just declared victory, I'm told.

UPDATE More votes in, and Chu upped her lead to 3,300 votes with 75% in.  It's over.  Congratulations to Judy Chu.

...In other races, Carmen Trutanich is going to win the City Attorney's race.  He's up 54-46, by over 13,000 votes with 55% of the vote in, and he's been gaining with each update.  What a terrible race run by Weiss.

As for Council District 5, it's Paul Koretz 53-47 over David Vahedi, though the spread is just 1,200 votes with 40% in.  That's not quite over.

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The Fall Of The Last Action Hero Results Thread #2

by: David Dayen

Tue May 19, 2009 at 20:49:57 PM PDT

That one was getting long.  So here's the deal.  1A-1E are going down.

17.4% precincts reporting

1A: 36.6% Yes, 63.4% No
1B: 40.1% Yes, 59.9% No
1C: 38.6% Yes, 61.4% No
1D: 38.0% Yes, 62.0% No
1E: 37.5% Yes, 62.5% No
1F: 76.4% Yes, 24.6% No

Just to make a point, in the city of Palmdale, a mildly conservative city in LA County, they have Measure B, a transient occupancy tax (hotels), on the ballot.  Right now it's passing with 67% of the vote.

Don't tell me this is a repudiation of taxes.  It's a repudiation of bad governance.

...Update: 21.9% precincts reporting

1A: 36.7% Yes, 63.3% No
1B: 40.2% Yes, 59.8% No
1C: 38.6% Yes, 61.4% No
1D: 38.0% Yes, 62.0% No
1E: 37.6% Yes, 62.4% No
1F: 76.4% Yes, 24.6% No

Interesting that the measure giving money owed to schools is doing best, ay?

... Brian checks in from the war room with the news that the AP called 1F for the Yes side.  Yay!  Now the legislators will be REALLY motivated!

Just a matter of time before 1A-1E get called.

...I'm done updating the ballot measures, as it's obvious what's going to happen there. So far LA County has yet to update any totals for the local and federal elections, so we wait.

...Arnold concedes: "We have heard from the voters and I respect the will of the people."  Whew, for a second there I thought he was going to institute the spending cap anyway!

You know what he's intimating here, of course.  He'll pull out his budget #2 and try to implement it.  The May 20th strategy is upon us.

UPDATE by Brian: Check the flip for the No on 1A Press release about the results. Arnold is flying back tonight to have a Big 5 meeting tomorrow. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

...just to update, there have been, um, no updates from the LA Registrar of voters on these local races.  Here, pulled up from the bottom, are the results for the top six finishers, I assume among absentees, in CA-32 thus far.

JUDY CHU                          DEM    6,388   41.98
GIL CEDILLO                       DEM    2,628   17.27
BETTY CHU                         REP    1,938   12.74
EMANUEL PLEITEZ          DEM    1,233   8.1
TERESA HERNANDEZ     REP    1,202   7.9
DAVID A TRUAX                 REP    1,036   6.81

...Todd Beeton tweets in from Judy Chu HQ to say that people there feel good.  

...Finally starting to get some more numbers from LA County.

City Attorney: Trutanich 52%, Weiss 48%.  The spread is about 3,200 votes with 12% in.

5th District City Council: Koretz 53%, Vahedi 47%.  The spread is about 700 votes with 10% in.

Nothing new from CA-32 or SD-26.

SacBee has a post-mortem up.  Pretty much just CW.

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The Fall Of The Last Action Hero Results Thread

by: David Dayen

Tue May 19, 2009 at 19:57:37 PM PDT

OK.  So we'll start with a results thread here.  Just to recap, in addition to the statewide special election, here are the other key races today, at least in the LA area:

City Attorney: This is a runoff election between Jack Weiss and Carmen Trutanich.  This election got extremely nasty in the final weeks, although they pulled all their attack ads last night and went soft and cuddly for the stretch run.  The low turnout probably favors Trutanich.  If Antonio Villaraigosa cannot drag his pal Weiss across the finish line, then it speaks volumes about his ability to draw voters in what's supposed to be his local base.

LA City Council 5th District: This is another runoff between former Assemblyman Paul Koretz and neighborhood council leader David Vahedi.  This happens to be a very engaged, well-off, activist district, so I would actually expect turnout to be decent, relatively speaking.  Progressives have mobilized for Koretz, and most of the competitors in the first round primary endorsed him.

SD-26: Curren Price will be a state Senator by the end of the night, replacing Mark Ridley-Thomas.  His Republican opponent is a rabbi, which rules, but I think he was outspent 300:1.

CA-32: This should be a very interesting race tonight, with Judy Chu, Gil Cedillo and Emanuel Pleitez the main competitors.  Will Cedillo's nasty, negative strategy pay off?  Did the late endorsers to Chu's campaign recognize a trend?  Can Pleitez use social media politics to a good showing?  We'll see.

...CapWeekly has a pre-analysis of their own for you to all read while we wait out the results.  Anthony York thinks Schwarzenegger will tack hard right as a result of this defeat.  He has no guiding political principle, so any port in a storm, I guess.  I think York's reading the right tea leaves, and success or failure will depend on where the Democrats elected to reflect the will of the people will go.

...18.6% turnout reported for LA County.  Remember, there were actual other elections on the ballot out here.  Wow, that's just terrible.

...OK, the first results are in.

1A: 39% Yes, 61% No
1B: 42% Yes, 58% No
1C: 40% Yes, 60% No
1D: 39% Yes, 61% No
1E: 39% Yes, 61% No
1F: 77% Yes, 23% No

The totals are about 1 million votes, presumably absentees at this point.  If you are charitable and say that there will be 30% turnout, there are maybe 4-5 million votes left.  So I'd say that 20% of the totals or so are in at the very least.

...Another huge dump of absentees. And 13% of precincts reporting:

1A: 37% Yes, 63% No
1B: 40% Yes, 60% No
1C: 39% Yes, 61% No
1D: 38% Yes, 62% No
1E: 38% Yes, 62% No
1F: 75% Yes, 25% No

...First results from CA-32 are in over at LA County's website.  Early, but it looks good for Judy Chu.  9% reporting:

JUDY CHU DEM    6,388   41.98
GIL CEDILLO DEM    2,628   17.27
BETTY CHU REP    1,938   12.74
EMANUEL PLEITEZ  DEM    1,233   8.1
DAVID A TRUAX REP    1,036   6.81

Probably would be in better shape without Betty Chu in the race.

...17% now reporting, and the numbers are basically the same as before.

1A: 37% Yes, 63% No
1B: 40% Yes, 60% No
1C: 39% Yes, 61% No
1D: 38% Yes, 62% No
1E: 38% Yes, 62% No
1F: 75% Yes, 25% No

...briefly on the other elections: with 10% in, Curren Price has 69% of the vote.    Carmen Trutanich leads Jack Weiss 51-48 with about 10% of the vote in.  And Paul Koretz leads 53-47 with 10% in.  These last two will probably go all night.

...Debra Bowen tweets that these are all vote-by-mail ballots reporting right now.  If, as expected, they are 40-50% of the final total, everyone can go to bed.  Except for Jack Weiss, Carmen Trutanich, Paul Koretz and David Vahedi.

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CA-32: Final Election Day Reflections On A Campaign And Candidate I've Come To Admire

by: Todd Beeton

Tue May 19, 2009 at 13:42:51 PM PDT

(I am proud to be doing netroots outreach for Judy Chu for Congress but I am speaking personally here, not on behalf of the campaign)

Election day is upon us here in California and in addition to the statewide ballot initiatives (I'm voting NO on 1A-F, more on why HERE and HERE), the 32nd district of California (East Los Angeles stretching east to Covina) is going to the polls to choose a new member of Congress to replace former Congresswoman Hilda Solis.

Polls have been open since 7am and close tonight at 8pm. If you haven't voted and are not sure about your voting location, go HERE. If you have further questions, call (800) 345-VOTE or check out SOS Debra Bowen's voter guide.

Usually on election day, I'd write a post analyzing the state of the race from the ground. Instead, for that coverage I'm going to refer you to Calitics whose coverage has been consistently excellent (check out Dante Atkins's last two updates HERE and HERE as well as David Dayen's HERE and HERE.) Instead, what I'd like to do in this post is write my own personal reflections on the campaign and the candidate I've been proud to work for throughout this brief special election.

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CA-32: Judy Chu claims frontrunner mantle

by: Dante Atkins

Tue May 19, 2009 at 01:51:05 AM PDT

If you've been following the CA-32 coverage on Calitics, you might have noticed that most pieces in traditional media outlets have portrayed the race as a toss-up between Chu and Cedillo.  But now, that coverage is apparently starting to change: the apparent strength of Chu's absentee voter operation, combined with the surging Pleitez campaign that experts are estimating will drain more votes from Cedillo than Chu, have caused recent news about the race to cast Judy Chu has the frontrunner.  From The Hill:

Endorsements, a hefty war chest and an effective absentee ballot program appear to have put California Board of Equalization Vice Chairwoman Judy Chu (D) in position to succeed former Rep.-turned-Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (D-Calif.).

In earlier coverage, I reported that as of Wednesday, 29% of the 12,000 or so ballots cast were cast by voters of Asian-Pacific Islander descent, according to Chu campaign consultant Parke Skelton.  Skelton must be even happier now:

Skelton said that as of Friday, between 16,000 and 17,000 voters had returned absentee ballots and 31 percent of those were Asian - far higher than the 18 percent of Asian voters in the district. He expects that there are another 4,000 absentees that were returned over the weekend, and expects to do well among those as well.

"We had a very substantial door-to-door campaign generating absentee ballots," he said.

Similarly, NPR's political blog, Political Junkie, is even more explicit:

California's 32nd Congressional District, just east of Los Angeles, is about 63 percent Latino, 22 percent Asian. It is the seat held since 2001 by Hilda Solis (D), now the secretary of labor. Prior to that, it was held for 18 years by Matthew Martinez, a Democrat, who lost to Solis in the 2000 primary at the age of 71 amid charges that he was ineffective and invisible.

But if anecdotal evidence is to be believed, this overwhelmingly Hispanic district may send an Asian woman, Judy Chu, on her way to Congress in Tuesday's special primary.

So, if Emanuel Pleitez is eating away at Cedillo's base and Judy Chu is making the Asian vote perform, two questions arise: 1) how does Chu lose, and 2) how does Cedillo win?

The first question can be answered with a name you've probably heard before: Betty Chu (if you haven't, here's some background.)  In such a low-turnout special, voter confusion could matter--and Betty Chu appears to be taking full advantage.  From The Hill:

Complicating matters further for Judy Chu, Betty Chu chose to have her name transliterated into Chinese on the ballot, opting for a symbol that bears a striking resemblance to Judy Chu's Chinese character.

As Parke Skelton, Judy Chu's top strategist, deadpanned: "It's kind of a problem for us."

Skelton countered the issue by playing up the difference in the two Chinese characters. Since Judy Chu's character means, in part, "heart," Skelton sent mail to Asian voters with an Americanized heart symbol around his candidate's name, hoping to remind them to remember "heart" in the voting booth.

Hardly a coincidence, I would imagine.  But the second question...how can Cedillo win?  That question actually has two answers.  The first, as mentioned before, is an extensive ground game:

Cedillo's camp, however, isn't giving up any ground. Derek Humphrey, Cedillo's campaign manager, believes he has a superior Election Day get-out-the-vote campaign in place.

"We've got three campaign offices, five or six staging locations," he said. "We're everywhere in the district."

But apparently, the Cedillo campaign has another secret weapon...the Los Angeles Lakers!


No word on whether Kobe Bryant is going to walk any El Monte neighborhoods before the game--or whether the Cedillo campaign got (or needed) permission from the NBA to use official affiliate logo on its campaign materials.

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CA-32: interviewing the Pleitez campaign

by: Dante Atkins

Mon May 18, 2009 at 15:00:00 PM PDT

I was invited yesterday by Emanuel Pleitez' press secretary Emily Dulcan to come to the office to interview Emanuel Pleitez and some members of his team on the second day of GOTV weekend.  By chance, campaign consultant Eric Hacopian, who has been the center of a manufactured controversy recently, happened to be in the office, so I got a chance to interview him as well.

The office was lively, with about two dozen phone bankers of all ethnicities and ages working the phones from the campaign office.  According to the field directors, they currently had 55-60 volunteers canvassing neighborhoods from that office at the time.  For space, the recap of the interviews is below the flip.

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CA-32: Multiple Judy Chu Endorsements in the Final Weekend - UFW Reverses Itself (UPDATE: Dual)

by: David Dayen

Sun May 17, 2009 at 17:53:06 PM PDT

You would think you would want the endorsements before GOTV weekend, but the Judy Chu campaign rolled out a series of endorsements in the past 48 hours.  Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47) endorsed Dr. Chu yesterday and appeared with her at a GOTV rally.  And today, Chu announced endorsements from Congresswoman Diane Watson (CA-33) and the United Farm Workers.  Previously UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta had endorsed Chu, but prior to today, the UFW had endorsed Gil Cedillo, so this is a very surprising reversal.

"Judy Chu has always been a champion and friend to farm workers and working class families everywhere. When farm worker Asuncion Valdivia died after toiling in the extreme heat of the Central Valley for hours on end and was denied adequate medical care by his employers, Judy proposed legislation that would ensure such a tragedy would never happen again," said Arturo Rodriguez, UFW President. "Today, California's workers are entitled to mandatory shade, rest, and water breaks thanks to the law Judy helped pass. It is because of her dedication to the health and well-being of our members that the United Farm Workers of America proudly endorse Judy Chu for Congress!"

Considering how late in the game it is, something has to be getting these endorsers off the fence and into Chu's column, especially with respect to the Farm Workers, who appear to have reversed their endorsement.  Maybe it's Gil Cedillo's vindictive, ugly campaign.

I don't think it will matter to GOTV efforts, but it's a telling sign when the players start lining up at the very end of the game.

...Sen. Cedillo still has the UFW endorsement on his website.

UPDATE by Dante: The endorsement by UFW is, according to Judy Chu Press Secretary Fred Ortega, a dual endorsement.  The UFW endorsement of Gil Cedillo was not withdrawn.  Said Fred Ortega: "The endorsement is yet another sign of Judy Chu's crossover appeal, and she is very proud to have the endorsement of the organization founded by Cesar Chavez to protect the rights of predominantly Latino workers."

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CA-32: Cedillo doubles down on the ugly

by: Dante Atkins

Sat May 16, 2009 at 19:44:06 PM PDT

First of all, forgive me for not posting an update about the CA-32 race yesterday--I happened to have the honor of being a volunteer driver in Vice President Biden's motorcade during his recent stay in Los Angeles.  Mr. Dayen did an admirable job of picking up the slack.

In addition, I wish to issue a correction today.  In Wednesday's roundup, I made a factual mistake in implying that if Judy Chu were to win the CA-32 race, that there would be a special election to replace her.  This is not true.  The California Constitution specifies that in the event of a vacancy on the Board of Equalization, the Governor appoints a replacement subject to the confirmation of a majority of the Assembly and the Senate.  It would be interesting to ask whom Schwarzenegger would appoint in that scenario, as well as to see if the Democratic Legislature would permit the Governor to appoint a Republican to fill a strongly Democratic Board of Equalization district.  In any case, I apologize for the error.

Now then--main event below the flip.

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CA-32: Cedillo Jumps The Shark On LA Radio

by: David Dayen

Fri May 15, 2009 at 12:03:39 PM PDT

This Gil Cedillo is really a miserable little person.  Over at Nuestra Voice you can hear him with LA radio DJ Mario Solis Marich answering questions about that ridiculous attack mailer on Emanuel Pleitez using Facebook photos to build a narrative of Pleitez as a scary drunken gang-lover who parties with white women.  In the transcript, you'll notice Cedillo's immediate reaction to bringing up Pleitez' name:

SOLIS MARICH: There was some controversy over the past 2 weeks when your campaign decided to do a negative attack piece on newcomer Emanuel Pleitez. Many people who observe campaigns including myself took that as a sign that the young candidate was really eating into your base.

CEDILLO: Well, one we're not sure we'd call it negative unless he calls it negative, the fact that he posted these photos on his Facebook.

Two, we recognize what his roll is in this campaign, to suppress the vote and to try to take away votes and we think the electorate has the right to know all the information, information that he's made public, about the candidates. We put the record out there and let people decide if they want to elect someone who has 25 years of effective leadership or if they want to elect somebody who they may not have full confidence in.

So in other words, anyone who participates in a campaign to try and get elected is automatically "suppressing votes," presumably votes from Gil Cedillo.  The backstory here is that Parke Skelton, Judy Chu's campaign manager, and Eric Hacopian, Pleitez' top strategist, have worked together on other campaigns, which is to be expected from two Democratic consultants in LA.  Off of that thin reed Cedillo spins a wide-ranging conspiracy theory that Emanuel Pleitez swooped into the race to suppress votes from the naturally chosen "one" candidate who is supposed to win the seat.  Now, if you were of a conspiratorial nature, you could say the exact same thing about Betty Tom Chu, the Republican Monterey Park City Councilwoman who entered the race late and will undoubtedly cause some ballot confusion given the closeness of names between her and Judy Chu.  But it's this sense of entitlement on the part of Cedillo, this idea that he deserves that Congressional seat and no Hispanic should dare "suppress the vote" by, you know, running against him, that stands out here.  This is typical sleazeball identity politics, the idea that any Hispanic must vote for a Hispanic, and multiple Hispanics in the field dilute the strength of the vote, and they should line up and wait their turn behind the self-anointed savior.

Now, here's the rest of the interview, where Cedillo becomes increasingly ridiculous:

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CA-32 media roundup: 5 days to go

by: Dante Atkins

Thu May 14, 2009 at 14:14:54 PM PDT

Five days left to go, and the news continues out of CA-32--mostly recaps and summaries.  And most of these articles are some of the prime examples of just why journalism is suffering--perhaps I should call it "the banality of balance."  In the attempt to be as even-handed as possible, the truth is often a casualty.  But there are a couple of good, more detailed pieces about the election, which I'd like to highlight below.

For the sake of brevity, go beneath the flip.  I promise it's worth the click.  There's a lot of interesting material today.

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CA-32: media roundup, T minus 6.

by: Dante Atkins

Wed May 13, 2009 at 13:25:53 PM PDT

Six days left to go, and the chattering class is paying attention.  Here's what they're saying.

• The Los Angeles Times is doing their take on the ethnic divide on the race, and presents something you probably never knew--that voters tend to prefer voting for candidates of their own ethnicity over those of other ethnicities!  I guess Avenue Q was right.  Especially telling is the final quote:

"Ethnicity is a factor," said Harry Pachon, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at USC. "But it's not the only factor."

My world has been rocked beyond belief.  Sarcasm aside, though--if you're going to do a piece on ethnicity in the CA-32 race, you could at least include some of the juicier, more intriguing aspects of the race--things like, what type of support will Emanuel Pleitez draw and how will that affect the race?  What will the impact of Betty Tom Chu be?  You know--more like our coverage.

• If national media coverage won local Congressional elections, Emanuel Pleitez would be in really good shape.  Following up on the positive coverage in the Los Angeles Times about his candidacy, National Journal has what amounts to a glowing review of Pleitez' online strategy in today's online version.  While I think that calling Pleitez a "web candidate" in the title does him a little bit of a disservice, the point is that Pleitez has tried something relatively new for a Congressional seat: using social media to facilitate a more lateral structure as a major part of the organization.

To me, the most interesting part of Pleitez' run against two much better known heavyweights is the fact that if the same race had been run five years ago, someone like Pleitez would have struggled to even get off the ground, much less be talked about in the same breath as the major candidates in this race.  But the creation of easy-to-use online fundrasing through ActBlue as well as the massive proliferation of social media has allowed for the creation of an entirely different element to politics that really used to only apply at a more national scale, starting with Dean and perfected by Obama.  The most interesting thing will be to see what happens when today's Facebook generation become political heavyweights themselves--how will the traditional and currently non-traditional elements of politics interact?  I expect that at some point in the future Pleitez' run for Congress will become a reference point for political experts about both the benefits and the drawbacks of dependence on social media as a key element in the campaign.

• Presuming that either Gil Cedillo or Judy Chu advances to the expected runoff and then proceeds to victory in July, the game of musical chairs will continue--either for Chu's Board of Equalization seat, or for Cedillo's 22nd District Senate Seat.  La Opinión is reporting (Spanish-language) that if it's the latter, Los Angeles City Councilmember Ed Reyes (District 1) is going to take a shot at the seat.  That, of course, would open up a seat on the City Council as well.  Just one more reason for Democratic politicians to really support Democratic Presidents--it opens up all sorts of opportunities for career advancement.

• I'm glad we have better commenters than the people at Mayor Sam.  This nugget is particularly entertaining:

I could dream that 3 Dems could split the enough so that the R can win but that is dreaming. If we were competitive in urban areas that scenario wouldn't be out of the question.

Some people just don't understand that this is a consolidated Primary election.  Just to clarify: if nobody gets 50%, the top vote-getter by party will proceed to the July runoff.

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CA-32 news roundup: eight days to go

by: Dante Atkins

Mon May 11, 2009 at 17:36:46 PM PDT

Eight days before the special election, and the campaign activity is really heating up.  Today's roundup includes the latest endorsements, media coverage, and, of course, your absolute favorite...more attack mailers!

This will be somewhat lengthy and slightly opinionated--so come beneath the flip.

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CA-32 mail-a-palooza--with official statement from Cedillo's campaign manager

by: Dante Atkins

Sat May 09, 2009 at 21:19:16 PM PDT

Over the past couple of days, my email box has become a lightning rod for supporters of various candidates in in CA-32 special election, many of whom have been communicating alternately their approval or dismay at my post concerning the recent mailer from the Cedillo team.

I was also contacted by Gil Cedillo's campaign manager Derek Humphrey, who provided me with this quote in defense of the mailer:

A number of people contacted our campaign about the Pleitez facebook page.  I think they were really shocked to see these pictures of him partying and drinking on what is essentially an extension of his campaign website.  These are recent photos that any internet user can easily access.    

I am sure it's common place for a 26 year old recent college graduate to post photos to their facebook page that glamorize drinking, partying, and dancing on tables.  But, members of Congress and elected officials are role models for young men and women in their community and their behaviors reflect their character.

But you know what I really like to get in my inbox?  The ones that provide me PDF's or images of the mailers that other campaigns are sending out--because those provide me not only more material to cover for the race, but in some cases an increasing amount of hilarity.

So without further ado, below the fold I present you...

CA-32 mail-a-palooza!  Images and mild commentary below the fold.

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CA-32: Cedillo Slimes Women to Stomp Newcomer

by: adrielhampton

Sat May 09, 2009 at 18:35:06 PM PDT

When I was with the East Bay Young Dems on Thursday night talking about my campaign and its potential to inspire more young working class folks to run for Congress in the 2010 mid-terms, one name came up a few times: Emanuel Pleitez.
The 26-year-old activist CA-32 candidate has been in the news this week as well, after coming under blistering attack from State Sen. Gil Cedillo. And what for? Because Pleitez has Facebook pictures that show him dancing, and with women. Calitics has done some great coverage on this hit mailer, which seems to be designed to destroy Pleitez in the Latino community as Cedillo faces a tough fight with Judy Chu.
I join Calitics in an unusual endorsement in this race: Any Democrat but Gil Cedillo.
Any Democrat but Gil Cedillo.
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CA-32: Smear Tactics and Fear Mongering

by: LL

Fri May 08, 2009 at 22:28:35 PM PDT

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