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Charlie Brown

Campaign Update: CA-04, CA-32, CA-03, CA-10, CA-Yacht Party

by: David Dayen

Tue Apr 21, 2009 at 11:20:52 AM PDT

Since it referenced me, let me start by shouting out to fellow Calitician Lucas O'Connor, writing on the front page of MyDD:

Since approximately the morning after election day in November, Dave Dayen has been writing over at Calitics about the dramatic Congressional pick-up opportunities in California that were missed in the Obama wave. Specifically, Obama carried 42 of California's 53 districts (I won't even begin right now to get into the state leg breakdown which is also a debacle), including eight districts held by Republicans in Congress. Well all of a sudden this week, the whole world is waking up to the Dayen gospel.

Attention started building about two weeks ago when the DCCC announced it would target all eight of these Obama-Republican California districts. But an announcement of DCCC targeting hasn't always meant a lot, so to really get going it took a new report from California Target Book finding in part:

Not only is the current statewide Republican registration of 31% a historic low, but for the first time there is not a single congressional, state senate or assembly district that has a majority Republican registration.

Apparently Bob Mulholland sent out a press release waking up to these facts last week.  Now, I'm not going to hate on Mulholland for finally getting with the program.  But let's make ourselves clear - this was true in 2006 and 2008 as well, and yet the state party failed to capitalize, by their own admission.  So it's going to take more than one press release to show a commitment.  Republicans have obviously become repellent to the broad majority of Californians, and they're too busy trying to recall each other to notice.  It's upsetting that we haven't used this unpopularity in the past two election cycles, and I hope that the CDP can catch up with the curve.

They can start with effective recruitment.  John Garamendi, who spoke to Greg Lucas as if he's still a gubernatorial candidate but who by all accounts will be running for Congress, ought to be pushed to run in the 3rd District, where he is the largest landowner and where there is currently no viable candidate to beat Dan Lungren in a district that is trending Democratic, instead of the 10th, where there are multiple viable candidates.  Recruitment is an often-unremarked-upon but crucial element to winning elections.

Speaking of which...

• CA-04: This CapAlert piece certainly makes it sound like Charlie Brown might challenge Tom McClintock once again.

At the Jefferson-Jackson dinner at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed in Loomis, Brown and his wife, Jan, were honored as photographs flashed of Brown and supporters during four years of campaigning. The production was accompanied by songs from Bruce Springsteen's "No Surrender" to Neil Young's "Long May You Run."

And then Brown stirred huge cheers when he hinted he might have the stamina for one more try for Congress in 2010.

"We'll see what happens over the next few months - and whether you'll have the opportunity to get into any pictures again," Brown said.

In an interview, Brown said he is still mulling his prospects. He said he expects to decide by this fall.

We're big fans of Charlie here at Calitics, and should he run again we'll stand with him.  McClintock would have the power of incumbency and a red-leaning district but the rumblings I'm hearing out of there signal that residents and local pols aren't all that enthused by the new Congressman's performance.

• CA-32: The LA Times weighs in with an overview of the 32nd race to replace Labor Secretary Hilda Solis set for May 19.  They list Judy Chu and Gil Cedillo as the front-runners (though Emanuel Pleitez is profiled) and suggest that the race is a harbinger of the changing, minority-majority face of Southern California politics.  They also mention the Betty Tom Chu controversy, as well as some allegations on the Cedillo side.

Judy Chu supporters suspect that Republican Betty Tom Chu, a Monterey Park councilwoman and a political opponent of Judy Chu, entered the race to confuse voters and harm the chances of her distant relative by marriage. Tom Chu said last week she did not have time to discuss her candidacy, but earlier told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that she is running because she could not support any of the other candidates and wanted to offer voters an alternative.

Apparently motivated by concerns that the large number of Latino candidates in the race would split the vote in that group and give Judy Chu the edge, there also were signs of jockeying.

Democratic candidate Francisco Alonso, a former mayor of Monterey Park, and a campaign official for Democratic actor/filmmaker Stefan "Contreras" Lysenko each said Cedillo called them shortly before filing closed and urged them to drop out. A Cedillo spokesman said the state senator was merely inviting the others to "work together" with him and did not intend to discourage them from running.

Over the weekend, Cedillo won the endorsement of the LA County Young Democrats, while Chu garnered the endorsement of the state Democratic Party.

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CA-04: Rep. Tom McClintock & the GOP fiddle while America burns (with pictures)

by: fnpople

Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 14:58:23 PM PDT

Cross posted at Daily Kos

In a recent op-ed, Congressman Tom McClintock (R- Roseville) made the claim that Obama's stimulus bill would cost over $200,000 per job, and that conservative free-market policies would ultimately prevail in the end over the "tax-borrow-and-spend policies" of the Democratic Administration.


And who did he blame for those policies???

The guy he just barely beat in the race for Congress, Charlie Brown.

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Telling it like it is in the foothills

by: Siftingthrough

Wed Feb 25, 2009 at 14:07:53 PM PST

To: MountainDemocratEditor
Cc: MtDemocratChiefEdMikeRafferty
Subject: Letter to the Editor - McClintock Revealed worst  local legislator of all.

District 4 U.S. Representative Tom McClintock met with a group of local citizens Feb. 20 in Shingle Springs at the offices of Carlton Engineering to "talk and hear from constituents". This stealth gathering deserves the headline: "Fake Republican holds Fake Town Hall meeting".
McClintock may be aptly called a Fake Republican because he revealed himself as actually a radical Libertarian.
His gathering was a Fake Town Hall meeting because it was: 1) not widely publicized, 2) was a cozy gathering of invited real estate agents and Chamber of Commerce members, not a cross-section of the general public whom Mr. McClintock was sworn to serve, and 3) was held at a corporate office beholden to developers, not a public building.free of potential conflict-of-interest.
McClintock's radical Libertarianism manifested itself by his postured positions that "government is the problem", and El Dorado County "shouldn't take any federal stimulus funds" because it's "only our money we shouldn't have sent to Washington in the first place." Libertarian Tom turned a deaf ear to the roomful of people complaining and moaning about lost jobs, lost income, foreclosed homes, and hardly any real estate sales. He couldn't be bothered with real people's urgent real problems; he could only repeat his lift-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps Libertarian mantras. McClintock gave no detectable signs of the compassionate conservatism that marks so many real Republicans.
When people tried to ask him questions about any issues other than tax money, his apparent sole specialty, McClintock quickly turned the subject back to his only knowledgeable subject.
Even McClintock's sorry predecessor, John Doolittle, under FBI investigation, at least made sure that local people got benefit from their federal taxes. But not Travelin' Tom, the newly-arrived politician from Southern California. If McClintock had his way, you'd never see a dime of your tax dollars returned to El Dorado County.
The past election a lot of people voted for Democrat Charlie Brown, a former Republican, for our Congressman. A few more voted for Tom McClintock thinking that they were voting for a Republican. Guess again.
Libertarians believe that the individual answers only to himself and does not concern himself with other people's problems. They have a poster boy in Tom McClintock, the congressman masquerading as a Republican.
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Diamond Springs
P.O. Box 1009, Diamond Springs, CA 956

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Brown Concedes in CA-04

by: David Dayen

Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 14:48:53 PM PST

After a long fight to count every vote, Charlie Brown has acknowledged that Tom McClintock will be the next Congressman representing CA-04.  Here's part of his email to supporters:

Thanks to the extraordinary work of our local elections officials, I am pleased to report that the high standards of fairness, accuracy, and transparency have been met.  And with the counts and recounts across district four complete, and more than 370,000 votes tallied, the outcome of this election is no longer in question.  Unfortunately, we've come up less than one half of one percent---just under 1,800 votes---short of victory.  
So a short time ago, I called Senator Tom McClintock to congratulate him on a hard fought victory, and to wish him well in Congress.

To you, I can only offer my deepest gratitude-for your generosity of time and resources, and your unwavering energy and encouragement.  Together, we have transformed the 4 th District, and lifted this campaign higher and farther than anyone thought possible.

I am proud of the campaign we ran.

Charlie fought a very good fight, actually becoming a point person for veteran's issues around the country and leading by example with his Promises Kept Challenge, donating 5% of his campaign contributions to organizations serving veterans and their families.  And he showed through two cycles that the supposedly hopeless 4th District is more than winnable to the right candidate.

Still, he came up just short.  But I don't think he has anything to be ashamed of.

This closes the book on elections in California.  While the final numbers and vote totals will be released Dec. 13, we know that Democrats picked up a net 3 seats in the Assembly, no seats in the Senate, and no seats in the Congress.  That's the performance despite a 24-point victory at the top of the ticket, the biggest in California since 1936.

We'll have much to discuss about this in the weeks to come, looking back to what happened and looking forward to prospects in the years ahead.  For now, a sincere thanks to Charlie Brown, who made us proud.

...as a sort of postscript, the Auburn Dam project, which was the source of tremendous debate in the campaign, officially died today, as the state water board revoked the 40 year-old water rights.  It was BROWN'S position, that the cost of the porposal outweighed the benefits, that won out.

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AD-10: Alyson Huber Takes a 531 Vote Lead

by: Brian Leubitz

Tue Nov 25, 2008 at 19:15:18 PM PST

PhotobucketWell, this has been a tight race for a long time, but at this point I think there have been quite a few people that were writing this off. Well, as of 7:06 this evening, Alyson Huber holds a lead of 531 votes.  That's about .3% for you folks looking to see if we'll get to the .5% automatic recount. If this holds up, the Central Valley will have themselves a fine Assemblywoman next week.

You can find this info at the SoS's "close election" page. On the disappointing side, Hannah-Beth Jackson remains 1717 votes behind and Charlie Brown is 1578 votes back.

UPDATE: AD-10, Meet your new Assemblywoman, Alyson Huber.  I've heard from somebody close to the Speaker that there are relatively few votes remaining.  Alyson Huber will be sworn into the Assembly next week.

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CA-04: Down To 329 Votes...UPDATE: Back Up To 1,793

by: David Dayen

Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 17:03:08 PM PST

Huge news in the continued counting of Charlie Brown's race against Tom McClintock.  The latest round of counting has Brown within 329 votes as the provisionals, which tend to favor Democrats, get counted in the larger counties in the district.

Charlie Brown (Dem)    170,168    49.9%
Tom McClintock (Rep)    170,497    50.1%

There are still tens of thousands of votes left to count, and there's a virtual assurance of at least a partial recount.  Tom McClintock has been sending his list these smug reports of the day's counting, telling them how everything's looking great.  I haven't seen an update from him in a couple days.  Probably because this is shaping up as a replay of the 2002 State Controller race, when the late provisionals put Steve Westly over the top in his race against... Tom McClintock.

Extended races like this cost money to maintain staff and pay lawyers.  You can help Charlie out at the Calitics ActBlue page.

...meanwhile, Hannah-Beth Jackson is moving closer in SD-19.  That race is down to 1,283 votes.

...I guess a slew of votes came in from Placer County and widened McClintock's lead in a big way.

"We're not claiming victory, but we just think it's mathematically impossible for (Brown) to win," said Bill George, spokesman for McClintock.

George said the thousands of Placer County votes tallied Friday stretched McClintock's lead from barely 300 votes to 1,793, with only about 4,500 more votes to count in the nine-county district.

Brown spokesman Todd Stenhouse said Brown would not concede, noting that thousands more votes remain to be counted, most of which are provisional ballots that "have been breaking very, very strongly for Charlie."

"We remain committed to the same goals that we've been committed to all along and that is that every vote is counted in this historic election," Stenhouse said.

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Election Update: Now Behind In All Close Race Counts

by: David Dayen

Fri Nov 14, 2008 at 16:41:30 PM PST

As TINS posted yesterday, Hannah-Beth Jackson has now fallen behind in the latest count of her race in SD-19, and according to local reports the remaining votes to be counted are mainly in Strickland-friendly areas.  This one looks grim.  At this hour Strickland leads by 1,560 votes, and it's actually outside of the 1/2 of 1% required for a partial recount.

Hannah-Beth Jackson (Dem)  186,071    49.7%
Tony Strickland (Rep)              187,631    50.3%

The other two races we're monitoring are actually in better shape than Hannah-Beth's.  In AD-10, the latest numbers from the Secretary of State show Jack Sieglock leading Alyson Huber by just 506 votes.

Alyson L. Huber (Dem)     80,507    46.4%
Jack Sieglock (Rep)           81,013    46.8%

This is currently inside recount territory.  According to Randy Bayne, the remaining ballots left to count are mainly in Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties.  The ballot count is done in Amador County and mostly done in El Dorado County.  With some luck, the Sacramento County ballots will swing for Huber; she beat Sieglock 52-41 there.  Sieglock won San Joaquin County 51-42.

In CA-04, Charlie Brown is within 569 votes of Tom McClintock.

Charlie Brown (Dem)     168,378    49.9%
Tom McClintock (Rep)  168,947    50.1%

The question is how many ballots are left in Nevada County, where Brown won big.  According to the unprocessed ballot report, there are still 10,000 left up there, but I think that's outdated information.  It's probably more like 5,000, if not less.  Still, we are well within the .5% required for a partial recount.  So that's where that's likely to be headed regardless of what happens with the final numbers.

Again, counts and recounts cost money, so if you can chip in a couple bucks for these Democrats at the Calitics ActBlue page, I'm sure they'd be grateful.

UPDATE: I just learned that Hannah-Beth Jackson had to evacuate her house today, owing to the Montecito fire.  Hopefully everything will work out OK.

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Counting Madness: Huber within 319 votes, Clark and DFA Come Out For Brown

by: David Dayen

Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 06:00:00 AM PST

Everyone should bookmark this site monitoring the close races that haven't been called in California.  There are four such races within 2% at the moment.  There's Prop. 11, which is trending toward passage with a 131,000 vote lead.  There's SD-19, which has some breathing room now, as Hannah-Beth Jackson leads by 1,203 votes.

And then there are the two Sacramento-area races.  Alyson Huber's race in AD-10 has really tightened up.  She now trails Jack Sieglock by just 319 votes out of 154,000 counted.  That is well within the 1/2 of 1% territory that would trigger an automatic recount.  Which brings up an interesting question which perhaps some election junkie could answer.  The Secretary of State certifies the count on December 2.  But the new legislature is sworn in on December 1.  If there's a race with no clear winner at that point, what happens?

Finally, we have CA-04, the race between Charlie Brown and Tom McClintock.  This has bounced around a bit, but we're now looking at an 889 vote lead for McClintock.  There are anywhere between 48,000 and 55,000 votes left to count, based on this chart (which you can also bookmark) of unprocessed ballots.  This race also appeared headed to a recount, and if you believe this Daily Kos diarist, Brown has a good shot at making up ground, because there are so many outstanding votes in Nevada County, where Brown did best.

We know these counts and recounts are expensive, and now two groups have stepped up with their support of Charlie while we sort this out.  Wes Clark sent an email to his list today:

Our friend Charlie Brown needs our help. The margin in California's 4th Congressional District is razor thin, and they're still counting votes. After more than 300,000 ballots were cast in CA-04, the race is tied. The current difference stands at less than half of 1% (less than 500 votes).

With 40,000 vote-by-mail and provisional ballots still to be counted, the race is way too close to call. That's why it's critical for us to make sure all the votes are counted in CA-04.

Please contribute to Charlie Brown's Election Protection Fund today!

Charlie's opponent, Tom McClintock, has hired an election attorney and brought in a team of lawyers to "watch" the locations where absentee and provisional ballots are being counted. McClintock's team is doing everything they can to challenge the votes of thousands of people who faithfully cast their ballots.

Charlie needs our help to fight back.

And DFA has done the same:

In 2000, we lost the election when the Bush campaign beat us in the legal and media fight that followed.  In 2004, we had to force a recount in the Washington State Governor's race and we won because you delivered the resources to make it happen.

We need to raise at least $40,000 by Monday to back up these races with the resources they need right now.


In 2004, we raised over $250,000 for the Washington State recount. This year, we need $40,000 right now to keep the GOP dirty tricks at bay and make sure every vote is counted fairly.

DFA's Grassroots All-Star Charlie Brown needs resources to fend off a team of Republican lawyers who, as I write this message, are challenging every Democratic ballot before the FIRST count has even been completed. Charlie is down by less than 500 votes with over 15,000 votes still to be counted. He needs our help to make sure every vote is counted.

(Note: it's now 889 votes with over 48,000 votes left to be counted)

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CA-04: "Missing Ballots" in Nevada County?

by: David Dayen

Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 16:05:48 PM PST

Earlier, I mentioned that the CA-04 race is not over.  This bit of news reinforces that fact:

Truckee Town Council is one race that hangs in the balance.

"Four years ago I got 3,700 votes, and Josh [Susman] got 3,300, and this year so far we both have about 2,200," said current Mayor and candidate Barbara Green.
"Something is not quite right."

She said she figures about 1,000 to 2,000 votes are still unaccounted for in Truckee.

The missing votes could have repercussions as far reaching as the tightly-contested 4th Congressional District race between Republican Tom McClintock and Democrat Charlie Brown, Green said.

The spokeswoman for a local ballot measure makes this sound more like a mystery of missing ballots rather than votes that are simply uncounted:

Proponents of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Measure U hoped the outstanding ballots may make the difference.

"Clearly there's been a major administrative error. We are hopefully those
outstanding ballots will push Measure U over the top," said Alison Elder, Measure U chair.

Administrative error?  What does that mean, exactly.

This could be especially important because Brown won Nevada County, the county in question, by a substantial margin (57-43).  If there are potentially 2,000 votes there, that would make up a lot of that difference if the margin holds.

...by the way, Bill Hedrick in CA-44 might be getting into recount territory, incredibly.  It's down to a spread of just 2.8% between Hedrick and Rep. Ken Calvert, a difference of only 4,600 votes.  It's the closest Congressional race outside of CA-04.  I am sorry I didn't pay enough attention to it.  Go Bill!

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CA-04: This Election Is Not Over

by: David Dayen

Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 12:50:51 PM PST

I would really like to get to the post-mortem and the ritual hacking of limbs to answer for the disconnect between a resounding victory at the top of the ticket and barely a ripple below it, but that would be assuming that the votes are all in.  And they have not.  There are maybe 3 MILLION ballots, in the form of late absentees and provisionals, still outstanding throughout the state.  Now, this may not swing any of the statewide numbers with the exception of Prop. 11, but there are plenty of local races close enough that we have to make sure every vote is properly and accurately counted.

In particular, there's the closest race of the night, the battle between Charlie Brown and Tom McClintock in CA-04.  Right now, the lead for McClintock on the Secretary of State's website is 451 votes.  I'm told that lead is smaller, inside 400 votes.  And furthermore, there are FORTY THOUSAND VOTES yet to be counted.  These are the late-arriving permanent absentee votes, the ones that people bring to the polls on Election Day, which are always the last to be counted.  There are also provisional ballots out there.

This race is not over.  40,000 votes must be counted and they must be counted fairly.  Nobody should concede this race, least of all us.  Here's a historical reminder - in 2002 Steve Westly was behind in his State Controller race by 10,000 votes once all the precincts returned.  But provisional ballots broke for him 60-40, and he was elected.

His opponent that year was Tom McClintock.

Charlie Brown can win this race, but he needs your help.  Hiring lawyers to ensure accurate counting is expensive.  Maintaining a staff beyond Election Day is expensive.  Going through to a recount, which is probable, is expensive.

If neither candidate emerges with a lead exceeding 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote, the race will automatically go to a partial manual recount, according to the secretary of state's office. That was the outcome the Brown campaign anticipated as the upset Brown aimed for still seemed in reach.

Charlie Brown is still in this race.  You can support him at the Calitics ActBlue page.

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CA-04: Promises Kept with Charlie Brown and Rep. Mike Thompson

by: Charlie Brown for Congress

Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 09:30:09 AM PST

(here's a less gory Charlie Brown story. GOTV - promoted by shayera)

As many of you know, Charlie Brown is running a different kind of campaign. He is not running for fame or for power or to derail the ambitions of an opponent. Instead, Charlie is running a campaign focused on taking action, solving problems and producing results.  
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Not For The Squeamish - Goat's Head Left On Doorstep Of Charlie Brown Campaign Office

by: David Dayen

Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 09:00:51 AM PST

This could be the result of a Halloween prank, all the way up to something out of The Godfather.  But the fact that it happened at the beginning of GOTV weekend is very curious.

On Friday night, upon leaving the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign office in Grass Valley, staffers found a severed goat's head on the front step.  I'm putting the pictures on the flip, because they are graphic and disturbing, so please don't open if you don't want to see them.

Who in the world would do something like this?  I don't care if it has nothing to do with the election, although putting it at a Brown campaign office obviously makes a certain connection.  Authorities were involved in the removal and are looking into finding the perpetrator.  If this is politically motivated, it is sad and cruel for someone to involve an innocent farm animal in their personal frustration or anger or derangement.  Hopefully, those responsible will be caught.

Edit by Brian: Photos moved here...

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CA-04: People would rather go thru a Haunted House than see McClintock

by: AmericanRiverCanyon

Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 13:42:59 PM PDT

993_3  McC Linc
Wednesday, October 29, 2008.  8pm.  Tom McClintock addresses a group of potential voters at the McBean Park Pavilion in Lincoln, CA
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CA-04: Charlie Cook Finally Wakes Up And Moves This To A Toss-Up

by: David Dayen

Tue Oct 28, 2008 at 16:26:34 PM PDT

Charlie Cook, the favored Congressional tipster for insiders, is notoriously conservative in his selections.  And as such, he's slow to recognize races that, based on outdated fundamentals, simply "can't" be competitive.  It's embarrassing that it's taken him this long to move CA-04 to a toss-up.  Here's his precis:

CA-04 OPEN (Doolittle) Lean Republican to Toss Up
All GOP state Sen. Tom McClintock needed to do to put this district away was to run ads noting Democratic nominee Charlie Brown's attendance at anti-war rallies. The only problem? McClintock ran out of money too soon and has been inexplicably "dark" on broadcast television in the final phase of the campaign, allowing Brown and the DCCC to remain in strong contention by portraying McClintock as a carpetbagger and self-serving career politician.

Republicans in Washington fret that McClintock has run a second rate campaign and that even with an extensive statewide fundraising network, he has failed to put together a competent media strategy. The NRCC, too broke to come to McClintock's rescue, is also off the air in the expensive Sacramento market. Some Republicans suggest that in the end, their biggest advantage in this district may be the presence of Proposition 8, a measure to eliminate same-sex marriage, on the California ballot. This race should be a slam dunk for the GOP, but right now it is a toss up.

First of all, there's no way that misleading anti-war rally attack would have derailed the Brown campaign.  Most of the country is against the war.  But putting that aside, Cook shares my astonishment that Mr. Fiscal Conservative McClintock managed to run out of money weeks before the race was over.  That is some epic mismanagement.

Cook is wrong about another thing, the NRCC is trying to ride to the rescue, up with a new ad trying to paint Brown as a "liberal yes man."  I just don't think this is the year to throw around the "L" word like it's some kind of boogeyman.  Anyway, don't they know that these days, you're supposed to call the Democrat a socialist or a Marxist?  Looking at the ad, it looks like the NRCC and McClintock went Dutch on it.

The point is that the GOP hasn't totally given up on this race, and while I'm confident in Brown's abilities he could definitely use some reinforcements in the final week.  You can give at the Calitics ActBlue page.

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CA-04: Sac Bee Endorses Charlie Brown: UPDATED with new poll numbers showing Brown ahead

by: David Dayen

Sun Oct 26, 2008 at 18:56:35 PM PDT

The biggest newspaper in the region, the Sacramento Bee, makes the case for Charlie Brown and a new direction in the district, particularly on the area of putting pragmatism above ideology.  Now, I don't totally agree with all the conclusions of the editorial, but the last bit is unquestionably true:

Brown understands that the that the mortgage crisis, the collapse of the financial system, the credit crunch and the recession are real. He would have supported the rescue plan because doing nothing was worse than doing something, though he believes Congress has done a poor job of selling the package. And the final package assured taxpayers get any profits, required congressional oversight, banned golden parachutes.

This is telling. McClintock sticks to ideology; Brown pragmatically puts the nation first.

The nation and the 4th District need to find ways out of partisan and ideological gridlock. Elect Charlie Brown to Congress.

Now, if the final package wasn't such a dog with fleas that the feds have basically scrapped it, and if the banks weren't using it to collect free money instead of facilitating lending, this would be a stronger argument.  Whatever; the Bee's endorsements have been profoundly odd, and have seemed to value bipartisan seriousness over everything.  But I think there's a difference between rejecting partisanship and abandoning core principles.  I think that Charlie Brown will govern the way he has campaigned, by working through problems and using his best judgment based on his values and principles.  Tom McClintock is incapable of adapting to changing information whatsoever.

What he will do is try to play dirty to win the election, including sending nasty robocalls throughout the district because they're cheap for his cash-strapped campaign.  The problem is that they haven't done a good job of checking their call lists.  The Brown campaign, for example, got robocalled.

UPDATE: The latest poll shows Brown expanding his slim but measurable lead.

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 10/20-22. Likely voters. MoE 5% (9/23-25 results)

McClintock (R) 42 (41)
Brown (D) 48 (46)

Among early voters (13 percent of respondents)

McClintock (R) 38
Brown (D) 56

Brown takes independents 51-34.  McClintock's fav/unfav is at 44/42.  Brown is at 49/29.  And McClintock is out of the cash he'd need to push up Brown's unfavorables.  

This is very good news.  Let's get this seat.  Stay for Change.

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CA-04: Charlie Brown BBQ Town Hall in Quincy (photoblog)

by: Charlie Brown for Congress

Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 11:03:53 AM PDT

The air was chilly in Quincy on Saturday as the Charlie Brown for Congress team held its 2nd to the last BBQ Town Hall meeting at Pioneer Park. People from around the greater Plumas County area; from Quincy to Greenville, Portola, Graeagle and all the way out from Chico came to hear Charlie speak and ask him the questions at the forefront of the 4th District's minds.
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CA-04: Debate And D-Trip Drops An Ad

by: David Dayen

Wed Oct 22, 2008 at 16:56:18 PM PDT

The 4th District had a debate as well last night, the fifth and final of the campaign, and it was spirited.

Every scathing remark and harsh charge that's gone back and forth in the congressional race between Republican Tom McClintock and Democrat Charlie Brown got one more airing Tuesday night.

Speaking at a forum sponsored by the South Nevada County Chamber of Commerce south of Grass Valley, McClintock was painted as a do-nothing career politician and Brown as a tax-loving big-government advocate.

And there was also some talk about issues, mixed in with the shots, though sometimes each answer was equal parts both.

It was the usual nonsense: McClintock wants to drill here and drill now.  McClintock wants no taxes and no government.  McClintock wants to privatize Social Security (yes, even now).  McClintock thinks Keebler elves can build the roads and bridges and a thimble-full of oil can power a Lexus.  He's a magical thinker.  But I have to say that this was my favorite part, and not just because McClintock doesn't know the meaning of the word "liquidity."

McClintock also roundly criticized the recently passed Wall Street bailout package, saying the better route was to put liquidity into the market.

Brown countered that he supported the plan because something needed to be done, then made reference to recent Federal Election Commission reports that showed McClintock's campaign in debt.

"You can't even run your own campaign on a balanced budget, so I don't trust you to run our nation's budget," Brown said.

Brown also hit McClintock over spending the past two years in Sacramento without getting one piece of legislation passed.

Brown took aim at McClintock's record as a state legislator, making reference to a recent Sacramento Bee story that reported McClintock had a perfect record of getting no legislation passed in the last two years.

"This is about actual results, and not talking about what you want to do unless you propose something else you can get passed," Brown said.

The debate is not going to have a major viewing audience.  But the airwaves will, and the DCCC has just dropped a long-awaited ad in the district.  It's good.

That's quite a lot for 30 seconds, but they pretty much cover California's Alan Keyes and make him out to be the punchline that he is.

The question is whether or not McClintock has 10 cents to respond to this.

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CA-04: I Think McClintock's Out Of Money

by: David Dayen

Tue Oct 21, 2008 at 16:28:43 PM PDT

Politico picks up the story of Tom McClintock's fundraising woes, and the fact that he was in the red as of October 1.  I didn't know this:

But according to his campaign finance reports, he heads into the home stretch without much campaign cash left. McClintock spent more money than he raised, ending September with just $94,000 in his campaign account.

He is not currently airing airing any television ads, and hasn't been for the last two weeks.

If he's off the air right now, it's going to be next to impossible for him to get back on.  The NRCC doesn't have a whole lot of money to play with, especially considering all the incumbents they have to defend.  And the GOTV efforts, radio, phone calls, mailers, etc., cost plenty of money.  If McClintock's living from hand to mouth right now, he's not going to get back on TV.  And needless to say, Charlie Brown has plenty of money to blanket TV in the final two weeks.  It's incredible.

And what's amazing is that this is how McClintock handled the primary as well.  He overspent early and wound up running on fumes the last couple weeks.  It wasn't a big deal against Doug Ose, but against a formidable opponent like Brown it'll matter.  The supposed fiscal conservative can't even manage his own campaign stash.

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CA-04: GOTV efforts will win this thing--Only thing missing? YOU

by: Charlie Brown for Congress

Tue Oct 21, 2008 at 11:49:39 AM PDT

(stay for change. - promoted by David Dayen)

With only two weeks until Election Day, it is more critical than ever to get out and help bring Charlie to victory. For months now, the Charlie Brown campaign for Congress has been burning up the phone lines and pounding the pavement to get our positive message of "patriotism before partisanship" out to the voters of the 4th Congressional District.  
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McClintock = EPIC FAIL

by: Dante Atkins

Fri Oct 17, 2008 at 12:21:54 PM PDT

That's the bottom line.  As the Sacramento Bee reports, Tom McClintock is Epic Fail:

Tom McClintock, a conservative Republican in a Democratic-dominated state Legislature, is the only state lawmaker to fail to shepherd a single piece of legislation into law in the last two years.

Not that he seems to mind.

In all of 2007, he passed not a single bill.  And, according to the article, this year, he passed one, but it was vetoed by the VetoNator.

So...since Tom McClintock isn't exactly a legislator, what does he view his job as?

"I came to the conclusion a long time ago that minority legislators have a choice," said McClintock, who has served for 22 years in Sacramento. "One is to tinker at the margins and win very minor victories on unimportant matters and the other is to try to drive the public policy debate on major issues, sacrificing legislative victories for broader policy victories."

See, McClintock doesn't view himself as a legislator representing his constituents.  He actually sees himself as a conservative ideologue using a position in elected office to push a broader ideological agenda.  And it doesn't matter what the office is, or whom he would technically represent.  What matters is that it's an office he thinks he can win--which is why he'll carpetbag hundreds of miles to a district he doesn't even know.

Attention Mr. McClintock:  If you want to push a narrative, go work at the Heritage Foundation.  Go push public opinion at Fox News.  If you want to push the debate, there are plenty of places designed for just that where you can do that.  But do us all a favor, Tom, and leave the legislating and representing of constituents to someone who...oh, I don't know...actually gives a shit about the job.

Voters in CA-04 have a choice.  That choice is Charlie Brown.

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