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Phil Angelides Take Back CA Rally Videos

by: Brian Leubitz

Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 17:51:15 PM PDT

Phil's event with Howard Dean went really well.  I have videos from pretty much every speaker except Mike HOnda.  SOrry Mike!  Sorry for the shaky video, my arms got tired! ;) It was a great event, really quite exciting. The full video blog is on the flip.

Brian Leubitz :: Phil Angelides Take Back CA Rally Videos
The event began with Art Torres, the CDP Chair, introducing all the union leaders and elected officials in the audience.  Art then introduced the Mayor of SF, Gavin Newsom:

After Gavin, Mark Leno came on the stage and got everybody fired up.  He described some of the ways Arnold Schwarzenegger has hurt the State of California

Mark then turned the stage over to Howard Dean.  It was obvious that Howard was still quite popular in San Francisco. He even made a quip that if California was first in the primaries that maybe things would have turned out differently.  Perhaps that's true...

Phil then came on the stage and rallied the crowd by sharing a story of his daughters' campaigning for the former Vermont governor during the 2004 NH Primary.

Phil concluded the speech on some upbeat notes:

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Running the race (0.00 / 0)
Phil's campaign should still be nicknamed "Katrina."

With all of Arnie's recent" Fox pa's," there shouldn't even be a contest and the front-runner would be so far ahead that the muscle-bound idiot wouldn't be able to see Angeledes butt with a powerful pair of binoculars.

Butt then again, this is "Kaleefornia."

Non est Hic

Yeah, but there's the movie star thing to overcome (0.00 / 0)
There's this constant pressure to measure up with his coolness.  However, They're doing a good job on overcoming some of his innate advantages.

I think?

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