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Brown Concedes in CA-04

by: David Dayen

Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 14:48:53 PM PST

After a long fight to count every vote, Charlie Brown has acknowledged that Tom McClintock will be the next Congressman representing CA-04.  Here's part of his email to supporters:

Thanks to the extraordinary work of our local elections officials, I am pleased to report that the high standards of fairness, accuracy, and transparency have been met.  And with the counts and recounts across district four complete, and more than 370,000 votes tallied, the outcome of this election is no longer in question.  Unfortunately, we've come up less than one half of one percent---just under 1,800 votes---short of victory.  
So a short time ago, I called Senator Tom McClintock to congratulate him on a hard fought victory, and to wish him well in Congress.

To you, I can only offer my deepest gratitude-for your generosity of time and resources, and your unwavering energy and encouragement.  Together, we have transformed the 4 th District, and lifted this campaign higher and farther than anyone thought possible.

I am proud of the campaign we ran.

Charlie fought a very good fight, actually becoming a point person for veteran's issues around the country and leading by example with his Promises Kept Challenge, donating 5% of his campaign contributions to organizations serving veterans and their families.  And he showed through two cycles that the supposedly hopeless 4th District is more than winnable to the right candidate.

Still, he came up just short.  But I don't think he has anything to be ashamed of.

This closes the book on elections in California.  While the final numbers and vote totals will be released Dec. 13, we know that Democrats picked up a net 3 seats in the Assembly, no seats in the Senate, and no seats in the Congress.  That's the performance despite a 24-point victory at the top of the ticket, the biggest in California since 1936.

We'll have much to discuss about this in the weeks to come, looking back to what happened and looking forward to prospects in the years ahead.  For now, a sincere thanks to Charlie Brown, who made us proud.

...as a sort of postscript, the Auburn Dam project, which was the source of tremendous debate in the campaign, officially died today, as the state water board revoked the 40 year-old water rights.  It was BROWN'S position, that the cost of the porposal outweighed the benefits, that won out.

David Dayen :: Brown Concedes in CA-04
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True patriots (5.00 / 1)
Charlie Brown and his wife Jan are some of the most courageous people I've met, who gave all they had for three long years of campaigning.

I'm humbled by the work of folks like this, and sad that they couldn't quite pull off a victory against the longest of odds.

Simple, really. (0.00 / 0)
Almost all the activists were busy heading to Nevada for Obama, and couldn't be bothered to tend to their own more local races.  This cost us dearly in terms of candidates at the federal and state levels, Prop. 8, and some local city measures.

It was a bit sickening to see that post the other day that showed how many phone calls Californians made on behalf of Obama... to people living in other states.  If even 10% of that energy had been devoted to taking care of our own home turf, I can almost guarantee we'd be seeing Congressman Charlie Brown.

California progressive activists, collectively, played Lucy in taking away the football from Charlie Brown.  And from a whole host of other Democrats.  And from No on 8.

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