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Coordinated Denial-of-Service Attacks on "No on 8" and (?) "No on 2" (FLA) sites

by: Brian Leubitz

Wed Oct 29, 2008 at 23:03:58 PM PDT

This is very preliminary right now, and we're still working on getting all of the details. That being said, it appears that the No On 8 website has been hit with some sort of attack coordinated with an attack on website opposing the Constitutional Amendment against marriage equality in Florida, No on 2.

Obviously, if such an attack did occur, it would be illegal and highly unethical. While nothing has been proven yet, the facts surrounding this case, with the dual attacks, points toward a hack.

We'll attempt to get more details about this when we get them. If you have any information, please post in the comments.

UPDATE: The No on 2 Website is back for the time being. A similar pattern occurred with the No on 8 site as well, with the site coming online and then being attacked again. As of 11:26PM, No on 8 is still down.

UPDATE 2, 11:31: I've now received confirmation from the No on 8 campaign, that they are currently the victim of a Denial-of-Service attack.  The internet folks are working on it, but these things are tough to defend against, especially when you have a dedicated opponent.

UPDATE 3, 11:46 (Lucas): Before this attack hit, No on 8 was on pace to hit its final stretch fundraising goals. It was ambitious, but it's required to go toe-to-toe through election day. Difficult to quantify how many dollars are being lost while the site is down, but this is simply where things are now. We must double down and keep this campaign rolling in spite of and to spite these attackers. Equality for All is on the Calitics ActBlue page. Throw in now (again). A November ramen diet is good for the mind, body and soul. Leave it all on the road.

Brian Leubitz :: Coordinated Denial-of-Service Attacks on "No on 8" and (?) "No on 2" (FLA) sites
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Unlike Lieberman (0.00 / 0)
Back in 2006, the Lieberman staff blamed Lamont for DoS attacks. Turned out they were just incompetent:

This is far more suspicious, and the evidence seems clear given the time of this event. All signs point to hacking.

I think?

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