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Republican Voter Registration Fraud in San Bernardino Further Exposed

by: Robert Cruickshank

Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 07:52:03 AM PDT

Note: Title edited as per a suggestion in the comments

To expand on the voter fraud in San Bernardino County that the CDP alerted us to yesterday, funded by would-be governor Steve Poizner, Carol Robb of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee has provided more details, including Republican DA Mike Ramos' unwillingness to even return Democrats' calls:

Here's what has happened:

·Immediately after the Labor Day weekend, we saw a large increase in San Bernardino County in Republican Registration, as compared to Democratic, for the first time in 14 months

·The office of the Registrar of Voters was alerted to this situation by Carol Robb.

·The Secretary of State's office was also alerted by a phone call from Carol Robb.

·Knowing that voter registration fraud was taking place in Riverside County, Carol Robb got a list from the Registrar of Voters, containing new registrations and re-registrations between Aug. 18 and Sept. 3.  That file was used to identify over 400 voters whose registration changed from Democrat, or "declined to state," to Republican.

·Calls were made to about 100 randomly selected voters from the 400+ on the list.  Because of incorrect phone numbers, only 33 interviews were completed.

·Phone interviews determined that 27, of the 33 voters reached had been "slammed"  -- their party affiliation was improperly changed.

·The advice of the California Democratic Party was sought, and Bob Mulholland was designated to assist us.

·Carol Robb, Patrick Kahler, Sam Clauder, and Phil Robb (Carol's husband, retired Deputy DA) met with Kari Verjil and her key staff on Friday, September 12.  The Registrar was given all information, including copies of our 33 telephone interview forms.

·Carol Robb also filed an on-line complaint with the DA's Public Integrity Unit.

·Carol and Sam kept in close contact with Bob Mulholland, who constantly urged us to "go public."

·When our calls to the DA's office were unreturned Monday and again Tuesday morning, Mulholland took matters into his own hands, and sent out a press release from the state party linking San Bernardino's situation to State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner's repeated press releases, about his personal funding of Republican voter registration bounty programs.

·In the meantime, the Registrar's office has handed over all information to both the District Attorney and the Secretary of State, with her request for immediate investigation.

·Congressman Baca was asked to call DA Mike Ramos to urge immediate action.

·Supervisor Josie Gonzalez has pledged to contact the DA's office and urge immediate action.

·A copy of our press release and other information has been shared with a representative of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass.  Karen Bass will be meeting with both Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Attorney General Jerry Brown in the next day or so, and will share our information directly with them.

SBD Republicans are trying to cast this as Democratic sour grapes but it's clear that there is something worth investigating here. Democrats are holding a press conference at 11 AM today to explain the matter to local media and demand an investigation and accountability.

It's worth keeping in mind that this isn't just about the 2008 cycle - but that the involvement of Steve Poizner, a leading candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2010, suggests this could be a long-term strategy for Republicans in California. Certainly the track record of YPM, the Republican firm at the center of the scandal and with many years of voter registration fraud dating back to at least 2004, suggests this to be the case.

Robert Cruickshank :: Republican Voter Registration Fraud in San Bernardino Further Exposed
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Voter Fraud (0.00 / 0)
If Democrats were slamming people in SB County they would be the first one to complain.  Funny how this happened the week after we narrowed the gap to 280 down.  I guess the GOP was embarrassed over losing Ventura County they didn't want to lose San Bernardino as well.

Look at the motivation (0.00 / 0)
I don't know the motivation in this situation, but in the past, there has been massive voter registration in San Bernardino or Riverside or Fresno Counties.  There were several motivating factors.

First, the California Republican Party has a "bounty" program that pays organizations per Republican registration.  I am aware of bounties of $6 per registration, but maybe it has been higher.  So organizers hire people at $10 per hour to register people at shopping centers, county fairs, or anywhere else in areas that are high traffic, high mobility areas.  They worry about which party later on.

So the person registers 10 people an hour, the organizer earns $60 and pays $10.  Pretty easy money.

Second, there is a provision in the California Republican Party Bylaws that allows a candidate or a central committee to pick up an additional delegate for every 5,000 new Republican registrations.  Los Angeles County was famous a few years ago for organizing a big registration drive in San Bernardino County.  Because LA County had the registrations, they got the additional delegates.

So this new episode -- its hard to know what is really going on, but I'll bet its either money from bounty or delegates to the CRP or both that is driving this.

One Small But Important Comment (0.00 / 0)
As an organization with a long history of being targeted for voter fraud smears (Project Vote and ACORN were at the center of the USAttorney scandal - the USA's were targeted for not going after us hard enough), we would like to point out that this is NOT "voter fraud".

It is VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD, which is a different animal. It is not good, but it does not result in fraudulent votes being cast, which is the end result of "voter fraud". VRF results in all kinds of other problems and so should be pointed out, which is why Project Vote cooperates fully with any investigations into our programs and has a zero tolerance policy for submitting fraudulent VR cards. But it isn't the same as voter fraud.

Nomenclature is important because one day you can find it being used against you.

Great point (0.00 / 0)
I edited the title as you suggested. Thanks for the information.

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