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CDP To Poizner: Stop Funding Voter Registration Fraud

by: California Democratic Party

Tue Sep 16, 2008 at 15:41:03 PM PDT

(The man who would be Governor... - promoted by jsw)

Title updated.

When Republican State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced with California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring on August 28, 2008 that he would contribute enough money to pay $5 for every new Republican voter registration, no one expected a voter registration card "slamming" program.  

In San Bernardino County the California Republican Party with their local Republican affiliates hired a firm from outside California called YPM - Young Political Majors, owned by a man named Mark Jacoby and run out of Florida and Arizona - to commit the same voter fraud that got YPM run out of other states.

(more on the flip)

California Democratic Party :: CDP To Poizner: Stop Funding Voter Registration Fraud
Moreover, this isn't something new. YPM has a bad track record stretching back years and years.  For example, the following story comes from an article written in 2004:

Young Political Majors LLC, or YPM, is a company registered by Mark Jacoby at a Town 'N Country residence.

Jacoby appeared this summer at the election office in Gainesville with a box of about 1,200 voter registration cards. Of those, about 510 voters had switched to the GOP.

Elections Supervisor Beverly Hill spoke with Jacoby and grew suspicious. She randomly called the Republicans to verify they wanted to switch. All of them said, "Absolutely not," Hill said. "They didn't even know they had signed a registration form," Hill said.

Here's how YPM does it: their paid signature gatherers ask registered Democratic voters to sign a claimed legitimate petition (in this case a petition to "stop sexual predators from getting out of jail"). Then, depending on the circumstances, they tell the voter that the petition is not legal unless they re-register as a Republican, or they have the voter sign in two places - one of which is the bottom of a Republican voter registration card.

It is simply unacceptable for this type of activity to go on here in California.

"This insidious and fraudulent practice is called 'slamming,' and Insurance Commissioner Poizner must put an immediate stop to funding this conspiracy to commit fraud," said Senator Art Torres (Ret.), Chairman of the California Democratic Party (see letter below letter).      

The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters, Kari Verjil, has allowed the slamming to continue for weeks.  The California Democratic Party is calling on the San Bernardino County District Attorney's office, the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General's office to investigate and prosecute those who are knowingly committing fraud.  

The same situation is known to have occurred in Riverside County. This past August the Registrar of Voters, Barbara Dunmore, referred that fraud to the Riverside County District Attorney.

American voters should not be treated this way.

* * *

Here is a copy of the letter Chairman Art Torres sent to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters.

September 16, 2008

Via Facsimile (909) 387-2022

Ms. Kari Verjil        
San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters

Dear Registrar of Voters Verjil:

Our offices have received numerous calls about the California Republican Party's use of "slamming" -- illegally re-registering Democrats as Republicans -- in your county.

I would like to know the status of your investigation of the Republican slamming.  A few thousand voter registration cards are being turned in each week to your office and it appears your office has not stopped this fraudulent practice.  

In calls to a random sampling of 100 of these voters, we found one-third of the phone numbers were either disconnected or the wrong number.

When phone slamming happened several years ago, the federal government, as well as state and local officials put a stop to it.  

You must stop this illegal practice whereby American citizens who have registered as Democrats, whether earlier this year or several years ago, are being changed to Republicans with your county voter registration cards by organizations authorized by you to do voter registration.


Senator Art Torres (Ret.)
Chairman of the California Democratic Party

cc: Secretary of State Debra Bowen
    Attorney General Jerry Brown
    San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos

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Ok now the cat is out of the bag! Now what? (8.00 / 2)
Ok yeah so I pat myself on the back for discovering this voter fraud.  Now what are we going to do about it?  In San Bernardino county we went from a 38,000 GOP advantage to a 280, them WHAM, thanks to the slamming efforts of the State and County GOP we are now down 3,600 this week and who knows if another 2,000 cards will be turned in this week.  I find it funny even though there is evidence of fraud, there are no provisions, for the ROV to contact possible changes (we have to do this ourselves) or for letters to be sent out verifying the response.  It would be nice if the State Democratic party would assist the County Party in contacting the slammed voters (we have the list) as we do not have nearly enough resources.  Sure I would love it if the State GOP would have to pay, and then pay politically as well, as we are tired of having some of the most corrupt politicians in the state, from Jerry Lewis to Bill Postmus.  I now I humlby ask for a statewide plea for help on behalf of my central committee to money for mailings, legitimate voter registration drives, and phone bankers to assist in contating the couple of thousand voters.  
   This week we should have celebrated the States 5th largest county going blue and instead we are back to where we were 3 months ago.  Sigh....

Patrick Kahler
Chair, Bluecounty.net PAC
2nd Vice Chair SBCDCC

YPM on the Right. VERF on the Left. (0.00 / 0)
Both sides are in the Registration Drive racket game.

They don't care about actually encouraging voters to register CORRECTLY...they are BOTH in it for the money and the bragging rights to "how many registered voters" they pulled in over each other. It's disgraceful.

Repubs prop up gay guy to strengthen their party? (0.00 / 0)
The funny thing is, obviously Republicans aren't actively promoting Gay Marriage, yet this guy Mark Jacoby who is handling their statewide registration drive is married to a guy. Thats a fact. Personally, I don't really care, but even so, it just seems bizarre when you consider the political slant of California Republicans. It would make more sense if Jacoby were working for Democrats. But who knows, maybe there is far more gay Republicans around than anyone realizes.

Then if you really stop and think about it, Art Torres is going after a guy who is living one of those alternative lifestyles that Democrats go out of their way to show they support. Can it get any more bizarre?

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