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Terry McAuliffe to be Protested June 19th

by: Bob Brigham

Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 10:03:52 AM PDT

AHIP, America's Health Insurance Plans, decided downtown San Francisco would be a good place for the health insurance company lobbyists and executives to hold their convention. Not surprisingly, thousands of people will take to the streets at noon on June 19th at the Moscone center to protest getting ripped off by the health insurance companies and rally for SB 840 in California and HR 676 nationally.

One of the key people being protested is none other than former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe who is a keynote speaker for the industry. Which adds some context to his quotes in yesterday's New York Times on the Clintons' enemies list and rewarding of friends:

"The Clintons get hundreds of requests for favors every week," said Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign. "Clearly, the people you're going to do stuff for in the future are the people who have been there for you."

Finally, we've recovered from McAuliffe's disaster as DNC Chair when he ran it like the DLC and was proven incapable of moving beyond transactional politics to a post-McCain/Feingold fundraising party that isn't a subsidiary of special interests. And yes, we've also moved beyond his success in perfectly executing a Clinton campaign strategy that took her from undisputed presidential front-runner to junior senator. But there is he is, using his name and connections to help out those who have helped them while Americans suffer.

In my opinion, one of the most important outcomes of Clinton's loss was that they won't get back control of the DNC -- which is great news for Democrats. But T-Mac is a reminder that we all need due diligence in the process of choosing the next California Democratic Party Chair so that we can reform the CDP to also move into the 21st century.

Currently, there are 1,904 pledged attendees at the rally according to the neat online organizing tool. Check to see which groups have currently pledged how many, get your group involved, and join in this important event.

Bob Brigham :: Terry McAuliffe to be Protested June 19th
450 - California School Employees Assn.
400 - California Nurses Assn.
200 - California Alliance for Retired Americans
200 - California Universal Health Care Organizing Project
100 - Cindy Sheehan for Congress
54 - Others
50 - Green Party SF
47 - Health Care for All-Marin
40 - American Medical Student Association
30 - Gray Panthers SF
25 - Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
25 - United Educators of San Francisco
20 - Amer. Fed. of Teachers, local 2121
20 - Neighbor to Neighbor
20 - West Country Seniors
20 - Senior Action Network
20 - Older Women's League of San Francisco
20 - Hermanson for Congress
20 - HAT
20 - Green Party San Meteo
15 - California Physicians Alliance
15 - Socialist Action
14 - Health Care for All-Santa Cruz
12 - International Longshore and Warehouse Union, local 6
10 - California Alliance for Legislative Action
10 - Office and Professional Employees International Union, local 3
10 - San Francisco for Democracy
9 - American Postal Workers Union - SF
9 - UC-Santa Cruz students for Single Payer
5 - Chris Jackson for Community College Bd
5 - Young Workers United
4 - Health Care for All-Sonoma
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are you coming? (0.00 / 0)
We'll have live coverage if you can't, but you'll have more fun if you can.

Twitter: @BobBrigham

As one of millions (0.00 / 0)
of Americans who both supports single-payer, and voted for Hillary Clinton (and Bill), I just want to say I think you're taking a horrible approach.

Not by protesting the meeting, or Terry McAuliffe, but by continuing to sling mud at the Clintons. Single-payer health care is something many Democrats, and even some Independents, agree on. You might have a point if Barack Obama was in favor of single-payer, but as we well know he isn't. In fact, his plan, lacking the mandate of universal coverage, will leave millions of Americans uninsured. While he says "people will buy it if they can afford it" he conveniently ignores the fact that many Americans simply have nothing left over after paying their bills. This was a flaw in both Clinton's and Obama's (and Edwards') plans - how will the people living paycheck to paycheck, who can't wait until the end of the year to get their tax credit, actually come up with the cash to pay for coverage?

If your aim is to generate support for single-payer, you'd be better off reaching out to everyone - and not just people who've bought into the "evil Clintons" media meme which has been perpetrated for 17 years.

Obama won. I've gotten over it. Can you?

what I don't get is why you aren't outraged (0.00 / 0)
If Hillary hadn't lost, this wouldn't be on the front page of blogs but on the front page of the New York Times.

This should be example number one of why mandates are a disaster. Not for McAuliffe, who by giving the companies more money could make more.

Twitter: @BobBrigham

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