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Congressional Thread

by: David Dayen

Tue Jun 03, 2008 at 20:24:42 PM PDT

CA-01: Mike Thompson beating Mitchell Clogg 86-13 so far.
CA-02: Jeff Morris is winning big.
CA-03: Bill Durston is only 3,000 votes behind Dan Lungren thus far.
CA-04: Tom McClintock has jumped out to a 53-38 lead.
CA-26: Russ Warner up 65-35.
CA-37: Richardson up 76-15.
CA-42: Ed Chau up 51-31 over Michael Williamson with Ron Shepston at 17%.
CA-46: Debbie Cook up 80-20.
CA-50: Nick Leibham up 55-45 thus far.  Cheryl Ede is hanging tough.
CA-51: The Libertarian candidate is nicknamed "Frodo".
CA-52: Mike Lumpkin is up 58-42; Duncan L. Hunter is up 74-14.
CA-53: Susan Davis up 89-10.

In CA-02, Jeff Morris and Arjinderpal Sekhon are within 100 votes.
In CA-04, McClintock's looking good to win, up 53-38.  Right now Charlie Brown has attracted more votes than McClintock.
In CA-24, Marta Jorgensen is looking incredibly strong, up 57-29 on Jill Martinez with Mary Pallant at 13%.  That's likely to change. (NOTE: the precincts in are up in Santa Barbara County, where Jorgensen was focused)
In CA-26, Warner is up 62-38 on Cynthia Matthews.
In CA-41, it looks very, very close.  Tim Prince at 35% with Rita Ramirez-Dean at 26% and two other candidates in there.
In CA-42, Ed Chau is still ahead with 47% of the vote.
In CA-43, Joanne Gilbert is giving Joe Baca a run for his money so far.  62-38 is good against an incumbent.
The San Diego numbers are the same as above.

UPDATE II: The AP has some projections (the following are contested seats).

CA-01: Mike Thompson
CA-04: Charlie Brown
CA-08: Nancy Pelosi
CA-12: Jackie Speier
CA-33: Diane Watson (she's killing those two jokers)
CA-53: Susan Davis  

David Dayen :: Congressional Thread
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Ose's getting killed (5.00 / 1)
National Republicans may have an embarassing night.

Alright, now that the primary's out of the way (0.00 / 0)
Lumpkin can focus his sights on little Jr!

On another note, I wonder how many Republicans voted Duncan Hunter, thinking it was Daddy Duncan.

What the .....? (0.00 / 0)
Robert M. Barrows 17,490 91.1 %
Michelle Taylor McMurry 877 4.6 %
Jackie Speier 435 2.2 %
Frank Henry Wade 408 2.1 %

These are off the SOS site from San Mateo. Jackie has 72% in SF. Whole district she's down 17,629 to 4,900.

Error? Early voting?

I thought... (0.00 / 0)
I read here that Marta Jorgensen dropped out.  So how is she managing to still get that many votes?

man, clogg got pounded (0.00 / 0)
not surprising, seeing as the guy barely ran, but still, 12%'s gotta leave a welt.

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