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The Final, Final, Final Numbers from the Feb. 5 Primary

by: David Dayen

Mon Mar 17, 2008 at 11:21:21 AM PDT

OK, on Saturday the Secretary of State's office released the final official canvass of the vote in California.  The statewide numbers are here.  The district-level numbers are here.  A few notes:

• Turns out that, in final balloting, Hillary Clinton surged to 62.88% of the head-to-head vote in CA-51, giving her a 3-1 split in that district.  So the final delegate numbers will be 204-166.  So Clinton got 54.4% of the head-to-head vote against Barack Obama, and 55.14% of the delegates.

• The final percentage spread between Clinton and Obama was 8.3%, noticeably lower than previous reports.

• We had over 5 million voters participate in the California Democratic primary.  That's 55% of the total votes cast and over SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT of registered Democratic voters.  Wow.  Those numbers are here.  We also received two million more votes in the Democratic primary than in the Republican primary.  The total turnout was the highest ever by raw numbers, and the highest as a percentage of registered voters since 1980, when some guy named Reagan was on the ballot.

You can get to all the numbers from here, a lot of fun stuff in there.

David Dayen :: The Final, Final, Final Numbers from the Feb. 5 Primary
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Rep. Filner (CA-51, superdelegate) hasn't endorsed yet (0.00 / 0)

SD's other superdelegate, Susan Davis, hasn't endorsed either. Her district went to Clinton on election night, now with all the ballots counted it is Obama by a hair.

San Diego county has, by raw count (not percentage) the 2nd most Democrats of any county in the state. But our whole county has only 2 Dem superdelegates (according to SD county party chair Jess Durfee). For perspective, there are in total 66 superdelegates from California. (OK, quick back-of-the-envelope calculations, and it looks like we have 5% of the state's Dems, but 2/66 is 3% of the superdelegates, so we're not really getting too screwed. Should be just over 3 superdelegates instead of 2...so nevermind my momentary outrage...carry on....)

Same in OC (0.00 / 0)
OC's 5% of the state's Dems yields us only one unpledged delegate, Hon. Loretta Sanchez. Unless you count DNC member John Perez, who is sorta an Orange Countian.

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