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SD-03: Joe A. Veronese drops out

by: Brian Leubitz

Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 17:22:17 PM PST

In a rather unsurprising move, Joe A. Veronese dropped out of the primary race for Senate District 3.  Joe Alioto Veronese was lagging behind  Asm. Mark Leno, former Asm. Joe Nation, and incumbent Carole Midgen.  With Nation's entry into the race, it gave the SF police commissioner a tough time trying to argue that he was the candidate for Marin. Nevertheless, we'll be seeing Joe Alioto Veronese again, of that I can assure you.

In terms of the SD-03 race, well, I have to imagine that this favors Mark Leno.  In Leno's recent David Binder poll, JAV was pulling about 7%. Given the  demographics, Leno will be in the best position to pick up those votes. Specifically, Leno is stronger in the Marina and North Beach neighborhoods where JAV was strong than Senator Migden has been in the past. This might even help him become the front-runner. I'm not sure the endorsement would make a huge difference, but it might help Nation to grab a few SF votes if he gets the JAV nod.

Press release over the flip.

Brian Leubitz :: SD-03: Joe A. Veronese drops out
SAN FRANCISCO - After much consideration, Police Commissioner Joseph Alioto Veronese made the difficult decision today that he will not seek to include his name on the June 3 primary ballot for the 3rd Senate seat held by incumbent Senator Carol Migden.

Joe entered the race over nine months ago by announcing his candidacy in San Francisco, San Rafael and Petaluma.  He was proud to engage thousands of new people in the process throughout the entire district, including hundreds of donors and volunteers participating in a campaign for the first time.

"I have been campaigning to change the debate in Sacramento and focus on issues of true importance to the people of the 3rd district," said Alioto Veronese.  "Over the last several months I have met with the hard working people from every corner of this District and have been humbled by all the support I have received.  Yet, after much deliberation with my wife and key supporters I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the State Senate".

Veronese continued, "While this will be the end of my bid for the State Senate, this is only the beginning of my work to fight for social justice, public safety and protecting our environment.  I will continue to be vigilant to fight on behalf of the people of this district".

After personally communicating with many of his supporters, Joe will hold a press conference within the next 7 days to announce who he believes his supporters should follow in this race.  

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current poll results?? (0.00 / 0)
This is the most interesting race on the June 3rd statewide primary ballot to me (and a lot of the LGBT community).

What were the numbers on that poll you mentioned? Who was ahead? (I'm guessing Migden)


The Mad Professah Lectures

Not so much (8.00 / 1)
It's basically Nation & Leno with Migden trailing in 3rd.


A poll taken last week by David Binder found State Senate District 3 a two-way contest between challengers Joe Nation and Mark Leno, with incumbent Carole Migden trailing badly. Binder, who is San Francisco's leading pollster and has been busy surveying for Barack Obama, found that Nation led Leno 27-24% on the initial ask, with Migden trailing at 17%. When pro and con statements about the candidates were read, the Leno-Nation numbers reversed, with Migden remaining at 17%. Joe Alioto Veronese was at 7 and 10%, and nearly a quarter of the electorate remains undecided. The poll spells deep trouble for Migden, who is having fundraising problems and still faces possible legal action by the Fair Political Practices Commission for alleged campaign financing violations.

I think?

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