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The battle over CA-11: Filson and McNerney

by: Brian Leubitz

Thu Apr 27, 2006 at 18:03:54 PM PDT

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The battle is getting hot and heavy in the quest to take Pombo out of office in CA-11.  Jerry McNerney, who lost to Pombo in 2004, has been getting most of the "grassroots" endorsements, such as DFA, East Bay Young Democrats, and also recently picked up the SEIU's endorsement.

Steve Filson, on the other hand, is a political novice, but brings to bear a lot of Democratic heavy hitters (remind you of any other race...see below).  He's supported  by a bevy of Congressman, most notably Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, state officials, including Don Perata,  and many of the Democratic politicos around the district (including the longtime State Senator from Stockton, Patrick Johnston).  This has lead to a substantial money advantage, as Filson has been able to tap traditional Washington funding sources. 

There are better people to tell you about Pombo, such as Say No to Pombo, where Matt is doing an excellent job, but you'll find that almost universally that they will work for either candidate if it means a Pombo defeat.  But a victory in this race is going to require a lot of manpower.  Pombo will have a huge financial advantage against either candidate, and having people at the grassroots will help.  But, for some reason, Filson, after losing these endorsements, he has been on something of a tear against the grassroots. From Progressive 11 Blog:

Steve Filson criticized the grassroots group's that have endorsed Jerry McNerney for Congress as being "extreme." He in particular focused his attack on Bay Area progressive's at the forum in Richard Pombo's home town of Tracy, Ca. (Prog-11) 4/25/06

I'm not sure what Filson was thinking, but this can in no way be a helpful tactic to him.  He angers the left, who increase turnout in the primary to defeat him, or if he wins, he loses the foot soldiers.  I'm not sure what he's trying to pull here, but it's completely unproductive.

Brian Leubitz :: The battle over CA-11: Filson and McNerney
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Filson is flailing (0.00 / 0)
Filson has gotten really defensive since his message isn't resonating well with any constituency (except for Dems in Washington).  He honestly seemed to think that there wouldn't be a primary when he entered the race, and all of his bluster about how "electable" he is hasn't really panned out.  So he's resorted to attacking the Dem base and Jerry McNerney. I see this as an act of desperation or a sign that he's not disciplined.  Otherwise he'd just attack Pombo and speak as if he's a shoo-in for the primary.

Also, FYI, Pombo is in CA-11.  CA-04 is Doolittle. 

um, i think you mean CA-11 (0.00 / 0)
CA-04 is the doolittle-brown race.

d'oh...you're right. (0.00 / 0)
I actually had it right then changed it after I saw a mistake somewhere else.  Fixed now...

I think?

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