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Intimidating Bloggers: Carole Midgen Staff Edition

by: Julia Rosen

Fri Jul 06, 2007 at 13:54:33 PM PDT

You know what's really dumb?  When a political figure gets mad at something a blogger writes, then tries to take a whack at you through your boss (a non blogging boss to be more precise) and they are wrong on the facts.  Then the bloggers get her back and you end up looking silly and make a bigger deal out of it then it was originally.  (Or at least that is my prediction with this one. It is a well worn path after all).  So here is a nice little story for this fine Friday.
Julia Rosen :: Intimidating Bloggers: Carole Midgen Staff Edition
Beth Spotswood, an acerbically funny Culture blogger from the Chron was at the Alice B. Toklas breakfast with Brian, myself, sasha and a few others.  In her write-up of the event she relayed a memorable line from Carole Migden's speech:

The first person I heard speak was a bolero-sporting Carole Migden, not unlike a tiny Alan Dershowitz in a matador outfit. Carole screamed into the microphone like a subway driver in the Bronx, at one point yelling,"Put a little Pepto something in your ass!"

Okay. I don't know what that means.

She then stormed off the stage and plopped down on a seat nearby, taking a second to stare me down before snagging a sausage off an abandoned breakfast plate and popping it in her mouth.

Haha funny right?

Well, not so much for Eric, one of her staffers. He called up Spotswood's day job boss wanting her phone number and a chance to kvetch about what she said.

As I sat on the tarmac of the glamorous Oakland Airport, waiting to take off for a wedding on the East Coast, I received a panicked call from my boss at my day job. You know, the job that pays my bills, keeps me clothed, fed and sheltered, the job that keeps me off the streets and out of a cardboard box.

THAT job.

"Beth! Someone named Eric from Carole Migden's office just called here looking for you! They wanted your cell phone number. Obviously, I wouldn't give it to them. But they want to talk to you! What did you do?!?!"

Oh. Hell. No.

Seated in the emergency aisle, with my brother next to me and my excited parents listening from behind, I called "Eric" back.

Apparently, Carole found last week's column "mean-spirited." She also claims never to have used the word "ass." (Interestingly, she did not deny that she ate a discarded sausage.) Eric thought I was particularly hard on Carole and they were none too pleased.

This was not her editor that he was calling.  This was her real boss (she only writes a blog piece a week for the Chron).  It was absolutely the wrong venue for him to be airing his complaints and it could have put her job in jeopardy.  So. Not. Cool.

Let the record show.  Carole Midgen did say ASS.  I can't believe I actually wrote that line, but this shit just won't stand man.

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Yes she DID say it. (0.00 / 0)
I was ther for her pathetic show. First when her name was called out, she sat at my table (which I believe was next to yours. I recognized Brian) and she talked to someone before making finally making her way to the stage. She was so annoyed through the whole episode.

Wow (0.00 / 0)
Wow, that Carol Migden is a real hoot. Isn't her job to get like minded people fired up and off of their asses? Oops, I'm sorry, I should have said patooties.

And that Spotswood girl sounds like a real character too. have you seen her articles, she's funny!

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