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OC Special Election UPDATE: Hopefully, I'll Have a Supe Again on the 27th

by: Andrew Davey (atdleft)

Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 12:12:52 PM PST

This just in from Total Buzz:

The declaration of a winner in the Feb. 6 supervisor's race was indeed postponed once again by the Board of Supervisors... Chairman Chris Norby assured those in attendance that Supervisor Nguyen would be sworn in once and for all on March 27.

So as expected, the Board of Supervisors decides to keep Central County's Supe seat vacant. Now while I usually do not agree with hard-right Supervisor Chris Norby, I do agree with his statement that "Three months is a long, long time for one-fifth of the county to be without representation."

Andrew Davey (atdleft) :: OC Special Election UPDATE: Hopefully, I'll Have a Supe Again on the 27th
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