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Calitics Rules

by: Brian Leubitz

Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 10:19:24 AM PST

This Policy is adapted from the Blue Mass Group's "Rules of the Road".

This is an evolving issue, and policies will no doubt change over time in response to conditions.  However, this post is our first effort at an improved general policy.


The purpose of Calitics is to develop ideas that will invigorate progressive leadership in California and the nation.  Robust debate is an important means to that end.  We welcome bold,  constructive observations.  To us, this means commentary typical of thoughtful discussion between acquaintances who may hold differing views on important issues, but who debate those issues in a respectful manner.  Insults, personal  attacks, rudeness, and blanket unsupported statements reduce the level of discourse, interfere with our basic objective, and are not permitted.


The comment rating system has thus far been underutilized on this site, by the editors as well as by everyone else.  We would like to change that.  We encourage all users to rate all comments using the convenient drop-down menus that appear on each comment.  We have revised the ratings system so that the editors, front-pagers and certain trusted users we may designate from time to time based on their cumulative average comment ratings, can give comments significantly higher and lower ratings than those available for most users.  Comments that receive enough very low ratings will automatically be hidden.  By enabling the "hidden comments" feature, we hope that the community, rather than the editors, will become the primary enforcer of this site's policies.


Users who consistently violate our policies will receive a warning.  Users who fail to heed our warning may be banned from the site.


We have no requirement that you disclose your real name, but if you have any specific relationship to the subject of your diary or comment you must disclose that in the diary or comment.  Examples of disclosure-worthy relationships include, but are not limited to, familial relationships, financial relationships, and close personal friendships.  Also, if it's something that's going to come up repeatedly, please put it in your profile as well. On the other hand, we certainly appreciate when users provide their real names and backgrounds as it facilitates a more thorough and thoughtful discussion.

Brian Leubitz :: Calitics Rules
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