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Prop 8 litigation status at the Supreme Court likely determined today. UPDATE:Nope.

by: Brian Leubitz

Mon Dec 03, 2012 at 22:12:29 PM PST

Supreme Court to decide on future of Prop 8 litigation

by Brian Leubitz

It has been over four years since Prop 8 passed in November 2008. Though it would now appear as pro-equality forces are on the march nationally, and could have flipped the 2008 final tally this year, we are still waiting for news from the Supreme Court.

In theory, that should come today. While the court could possibly hold over a final decision, that's the luxury of being the nation's highest court, I suppose. However, the justices were to discuss the case and announce a decision on whether to grant review of the decision today. So, what are we looking at?

If they decline to review the decision, Prop 8 remains dead in California. Marriages would likely begin once the Ninth Circuit lifts the stay and clears the last few procedural hurdles. Unfortunately, due to the narrow decision of the panel, the case only directly impacts California.  However, you would certainly have to think that marriage inequality amendments in other 9th Circuit states will be looked at skeptically until there is a Supreme Court decision.

If they take the case, a decision would likely come in the batch of decisions released in June after oral arguments. The Court also will decide whether to look at the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.  With DOMA have being ruled unconstitutional in several states, it seems at least better than a 50-50 call that the Court will deal with at least one of the LGBT rights issues.

And, so the waiting continues...

UPDATE: Well, as soon as I post this, it seems that they may be pushing it off. Not official yet, but ScotusBlog has a good track record. Their rumor  is that the Court is determining which marriage equality cases to take, especially with regards to the DOMA cases.

UPDATE: Well, the time has come and gone on Monday now too. It looks like Friday is the next best guess. More from ScotusBlog.

Brian Leubitz :: Prop 8 litigation status at the Supreme Court likely determined today. UPDATE:Nope.
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