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Vote or Be Sorry!

by: Brian Leubitz

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 10:19:17 AM PST

This is it! Today is the day! Now is the time! And every other cliche

by Brian Leubitz

A quick reminder to be sure to vote if you have not yet done so. Some of these propositions could end up being quite close. And if you haven't seen it, this is how I voted on the props:

30 - YES!
31 - No
32 - Hells NO!!!
33 - No
34 - YES
35 - No
36 - Yes
37 - Yes
38 - No
39 - Yes
40 - Yes

Anybody see any long lines to vote? Everything running smoothly?

Note: I work for the No on 32 campaign

Brian Leubitz :: Vote or Be Sorry!
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Vote or Be Sorry! | 5 comments
or....this, too, is a repeat (0.00 / 0)
Alternative analyses and endorsements (0.00 / 0)
Due to years of dysfunctional governance, declining revenues, government overreach, deluded voters and demographics, I believe any chance for California to remain a liberal democratic republic is well lost.  Nonetheless here are my analyses for three types of voters along with my recommendations, my vote and annotations subject to my knowledge and what I like to call "posting fatigue".

If you are a voter that holds out  hope, or hopes there is hope, for effective governance in California,I'll call you "There's hope?" my recommendation for you is marked by "TH?".  

If you are content to continue on the path of that last 20 years, or so, or about the time term limits became effective (a coincidence, I'm sure), I'll call you "We don't need no water", marked "LMB".  

If you actively seek and welcome the coming crash and hope to see California rise from the ashes, like, with a nod to our eastern neighbour, a Phoenix, you are "I'll bring gasoline" "IBG".

Prop 30  Taxes everyone and gives the money to the legislature to do anything they want with it.

Its proponents are lying to you. {Proposed Article XIII ยง36(5)(e)(1)},  They scammed the ballot proposition order to make it the first thing the ninnies who show up only every four years will see.  They've already spent the money, that was supposed to go for education, elsewhere and thereby held education hostage.  And now they want to take more money from you, temporarily, of course.

TH?: No. A yes vote only ratifies their mendacity
LMB: No.  Things will continue as they have been, you will be able to keep some more of your earnings in the short term.
IBG: Sure, Yes, Why not.

I voted yes as my gal is a teacher and I'd like to believe they'll backfill STRS.

Prop 31 A bunch of moderate sounding "good government" reforms.  This had a lot of words I didn't understand.

TH?: Yes, why not?
LMB: What?
IBG: No, a 'No" vote probably marginally hastens the crash.

I voted yes.  I am not sure why.

Prop 32 Purports to do a bunch of things barred under Citizens United leaving the only severable part of note the issue of whether you have to affirmatively give permission to your union to spend your money on things you may not otherwise wish it to be spending.

TH?: Yes, though an argument could be made about the proponents' mendacity insofar as they applaud Citizens United and dress this up with language that won't pass constitutional muster under it.
LMB: Vote your conscience, probably, No
IBG: Hell No!  This won't help

This one raises interesting freedom of association and threats in the work place issues.  I voted no as its defeat guarantees more jobs in my chosen vocation.

Prop 33 Removes barriers to private contracts

TH?: Yes
LMB: Yes, it'll probably help you, again, short term.
IBG: It doesn't really matter.

I voted yes.  I prize economic liberty.

Prop 34 Ends the death penalty.  Converts existing death sentences.  Saves money?

TH?: Yes, it is a near political impossibility to execute someone in California anyway
LMB: No, you're happy with the status quo.
IBG: No way, Jose.

I voted yes.

35 The cop lobby "expanding" the definition of sex crimes.

TH?: No, if you hold out hope, you can not side with the cop lobby.
LMB: Yes, the cop lobby is part of the problem.  Oh, and by the way, there aren't that many fires anymore.  Do you know what firemen do?  Do you know how many people they send to attend to someone gorking out at a dialysis clinic?  I do.
IBG: Yes.

I voted no.

Prop 36  Third strike must be a violent felony with some suspect classifications of what "violent" means.

TH?: Yes.  Makes sense.
LMB: Nope.
IBG: This is a tough one, on one hand, three strikes is in need of reform.  Not reforming will continue to cause problems. I just don't know how or how much.  On the other, a lotta dangerous dudes are going to be sprung and that can only hasten the demise.  Lean yes, but you are on your own.

I sided with hope, yes.

I'm getting that posting fatigue

Prop 37  Requires labeling on genetically modified foods.

TH?: This is a feel-good, I know better than you, anti-science, full employment for lawyers, and do you know why California has higher gas and egg prices than the free world, measure.  Vote no.
LMB: Yes, par for the California course.
IBG: Yes, this will help... a little

I voted no.  I am tired of reading the prop 65 warnings EVERYWHERE.

Prop 38 More money from everyone, more than prop 30, but this money actually goes to schools.  

TH?: No.
LMB: No, see prop 30
IBG: Yes, enthusiastically.

I voted no.

Prop 39 Taxes people who aren't here with a green energy slush fund thrown in

TH?: No.  Why won't they see what they're doing?  Were they even paying attention James Pierce's Econ 110 class at Cal?
LMB: Sure, it's going to happen anyway.
IBG: Big yes.

No for me, mostly from ballot fatigue and it's what Milt would have wanted.

Prop 40 Something the Republicans dreamed up and abandoned

TH?: Hunh?
LMB: Hunh?
IBG: Everybody wants a "Yes" and it is at the end of a tedious ballot, so I'll bet "No" wins. Go ahead, throw that monkey wrench. I did.

Ain't nothing wrong with a repeat! (0.00 / 0)
Especially for somebody with your username!

I think?

[ Parent ]
Thanks, Brian (0.00 / 0)
Good Job !!

I voted (absentee) and helped/nagged my wife and daughters to do the same
I only disagree with you on Props 34 and 36
I don't have as much sympathy as you for those poor little murders or two strike felons

My big disappointment is Prop 37
I really wanted that to pass, but Big Business has advertized relentlessly against it
Maybe next time for GMO disclosure

Thanks Brian

On 34 and 36 (0.00 / 0)
Neither is really about sympathy. The strongest moral arguments have nothing do with the crime itself. Rather, it is about the role of the state, in the form of a system that claims to represent all Californians, in killing. I'll say this, our system is relatively acceptable given the extreme constraints placed upon it. However, it is far from flawless. And the execution of an innocent, even if he is otherwise odious, is still a murder carried out in my name.

Are most of the people on death row guilty? Sure, but there are mistakes, far too many mistakes. Here's a good start on a list of people sentenced to death, but that was ultimately overturned. THink that we caught all of those cases?

On 36, we are basically saying that we beleive there is no chance for reform for somebody who's strike wasn't even violent. That seems arbitrary, dangerous, and expensive.

I think?

[ Parent ]
Great Slate! (0.00 / 0)
That's EXACTLY how I voted.  Feels good to be in the company of someone as learned as you.  FINGERS CROSSED.  (And I wish I had a Xanax prescription.)

Vote or Be Sorry! | 5 comments
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