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Money for Roads and Transportation (0.00 / 0)
Out here roads have either the cracks filled or eventually their repaved, Barstow got some Federal money and repaved a decent amount of their streets, the job isn't done yet, but Barstow CA got the worst done at least...

HSR could use a steady $561 Million(max) per year for 20 Years($11.220 Billion after 20 years, $187 Million Minimum per year for 20 years or $3.75 Billion over 20 years), If that means an addon to the VLF earmarked for HSR, I'd pay it, as long as it's not more than $25.50 per vehicle and yet not less than $8.50 per vehicle... Kind of like what Spur suggests...

If California were a country, CA then would be the 9th strongest economy in the world, if Repubs in Washington DC want to make it tough on HSR in CA, then I say fine, We need a tax overhaul anyway, We've got time cause of Prop 30, Times a wasting...

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