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CA-32: Cedillo Jumps The Shark On LA Radio

by: David Dayen

Fri May 15, 2009 at 12:03:39 PM PDT

This Gil Cedillo is really a miserable little person.  Over at Nuestra Voice you can hear him with LA radio DJ Mario Solis Marich answering questions about that ridiculous attack mailer on Emanuel Pleitez using Facebook photos to build a narrative of Pleitez as a scary drunken gang-lover who parties with white women.  In the transcript, you'll notice Cedillo's immediate reaction to bringing up Pleitez' name:

SOLIS MARICH: There was some controversy over the past 2 weeks when your campaign decided to do a negative attack piece on newcomer Emanuel Pleitez. Many people who observe campaigns including myself took that as a sign that the young candidate was really eating into your base.

CEDILLO: Well, one we're not sure we'd call it negative unless he calls it negative, the fact that he posted these photos on his Facebook.

Two, we recognize what his roll is in this campaign, to suppress the vote and to try to take away votes and we think the electorate has the right to know all the information, information that he's made public, about the candidates. We put the record out there and let people decide if they want to elect someone who has 25 years of effective leadership or if they want to elect somebody who they may not have full confidence in.

So in other words, anyone who participates in a campaign to try and get elected is automatically "suppressing votes," presumably votes from Gil Cedillo.  The backstory here is that Parke Skelton, Judy Chu's campaign manager, and Eric Hacopian, Pleitez' top strategist, have worked together on other campaigns, which is to be expected from two Democratic consultants in LA.  Off of that thin reed Cedillo spins a wide-ranging conspiracy theory that Emanuel Pleitez swooped into the race to suppress votes from the naturally chosen "one" candidate who is supposed to win the seat.  Now, if you were of a conspiratorial nature, you could say the exact same thing about Betty Tom Chu, the Republican Monterey Park City Councilwoman who entered the race late and will undoubtedly cause some ballot confusion given the closeness of names between her and Judy Chu.  But it's this sense of entitlement on the part of Cedillo, this idea that he deserves that Congressional seat and no Hispanic should dare "suppress the vote" by, you know, running against him, that stands out here.  This is typical sleazeball identity politics, the idea that any Hispanic must vote for a Hispanic, and multiple Hispanics in the field dilute the strength of the vote, and they should line up and wait their turn behind the self-anointed savior.

Now, here's the rest of the interview, where Cedillo becomes increasingly ridiculous:

David Dayen :: CA-32: Cedillo Jumps The Shark On LA Radio

SOLIS MARICH: So, you don't think that using pictures of a person at a party where they were basically doing what many people of all different ages do, enjoying themselves...

CEDILLO: Dancing on tables and using gang signs that he published on his Facebook, we think, first of all, one, we do not romanticize gangs or gang violence. He and I grew up in the same neighborhood...

SOLIS MARICH: Senator, let me just correct something, before you go down that path, maybe your staff hasn't told you but he was actually...the quote unqute gang signs...he was actually at a Voto Latino event...

CEDILLO: I know where he was, I know where he was.

SOLIS MARICH: ...and he was standing next to a very very respected actress and Latina activist Rosario Dawson who was actually with him making the same signs. So, are you accusing Rosario Dawson of using gang signs?

CEDILLO: I'm saying that that's inappropriate, I find it inappropriate...

SOLIS MARICH: For both him and Rosario Dawson?

CEDILLO: Yes.  I find it inappropriate, I find it offensive. I don't romanticize that one bit...

Solis Marich doesn't get it out, but the "gang sign" made by Pleitez and Dawson stands for Voto Latino.  According to Cedillo, any hand gesture made in a photograph automatically romanticizes gangs.  I'll bet he doesn't bring a sign language interpreter along for his speeches!

The dreaded dialogue continues:

SOLIS MARICH: So do you think Voto Latino should apologize?

CEDILLO: No. No, I support Voto Latino, I've raised money for them, I know their executive director, I know their executive director is not pleased with this or with Emanuel, but as I said, I don't romanticize that, I don't think people who know this experience do and I think that's for voters to decide.

SOLIS MARICH: So, you don't think it was inappropriate, Senator Cedillo, to use that photo but not also tell people that while he was doing that that's Rosario Dawson, and he's not at a gang event, he's actually at an event designed to encourage young Latino voters.

CEDILLO: No. No I don't.

SOLIS MARICH: So you stand behind that mailer 100%?

CEDILLO: Yeah, no, absolutely. Let me be really clear, OK? I do not romanticize gang activity...

SOLIS MARICH: Are you accusing him of being in a gang?

CEDILLO: No. Let me tell you, I don't romanticize gang activity, I don't understand this fetish, or romanticizing or promoting that type of activity or emulating it in any circumstance or any environment, period.

SOLIS MARICH: So before we move on, just one final question, so you believe Rosario Dawson and Emanuel Pleitez were romanticizing gang activity at an event that was designed to encourage Latino voters?

CEDILLO: I believe that conduct does that, yes.

You hear that, Voto Latino?  Your efforts to register 35,000 voters in battleground states and produce videos that 5 million Americans watched during the campaign are USELESS when compared to the hand gesture you make signifying your organization, which kills children in drive-by shootings.

Calitics had the right idea when they suggested that CA-32 voters elect anyone but Gil Cedillo to replace Hilda Solis.  He makes that decision easier and easier with each passing day.

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One Bill Gil sucks (0.00 / 0)
what a shock. "One Bill Gil" is a jerk and a moron. so shocking.

putting that fool in Congress would dumb down the joint and that's hard to do.


Jesus Christ, he's an idiot (5.00 / 2)
At a certain point, somebody needs to take the shovel away from him.  By force, if necessary.

I asked before and I'll ask again: where the hell is Voto Latino on this.  Cedillo insinuates in this interview that Voto Latino agrees with him that their own hand sign "romanticizes gang activity."  Why are they not out there loudly clearing their name and calling Cedillo on his B.S.

I refrained from taking sides in this race. (5.00 / 1)
But Cedillo is really wrong to do this.

No Real Housewives - but plenty of action at OC Progressive.

Come for the politics - stay for dessert.

Career politicians do that (0.00 / 0)
They perceive themselves as annointed ones and then get all prissy when told otherwise.  At the same time in the real world they're unemployable.

Of course, one could simply avoid the dramatics in the Democrat and Republican camps and simply vote Agrella into the spot on May 19 since he's one of the finalists already anyway.   Chris Agrella is a blue-collar man who knows the district, knows the federal issues, and is NOT a career politician. http://www.Agrella4Congress.org

BTW, why would anybody vote to elect Judy Chu or Cedillo to Congress after all they've done to screw up California?

Heh, I like your slogan. (0.00 / 0)
"Freedom is popular." How terribly poignant.

[ Parent ]
I am also a fan of your bold no taxes agenda. (0.00 / 0)
It takes someone who isn't a career politician to so completely ignore reality.

[ Parent ]
Um, Agrella is a teabagger. (0.00 / 0)
I think you've misunderstood.  Calitics is a progressive site, not an Ayn Randian utopia bullshit site that thinks those tea parties that were chock full of racists were a good thing.

[ Parent ]
Think about it (0.00 / 0)
I agree that Gil Cedillo is being an idiot.

That said, there's room for lots of skullduggery here. If I were Judy Chu, I'd be paying Pleitez to run. It's a pure win strategy from her point, so I wouldn't dismiss claims by Cedillo that Pleitez is a spoiler.

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