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"Yes on 8" Donor List Available

by: shayera

Mon Feb 02, 2009 at 12:06:21 PM PST

Very short note: Last Thursday U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. ruled that the "Yes on Prop. 8" campaign did not have a right to hide their donor list.
And today the list has been posted at the Secretary of State's website : Campaign Finance:
I'm sure they're horrified that the light is being shined on them. But I feel no pity for them.

UPDATE by Dave: And what we've learned from this so far is that the Mormon church spent more than 100 times than what they reported on Yes on 8.  Among other things, they compensated church staffers who worked exclusively on the campaign to the tune of $100,000.

But you know, they had nothing to do with it and should be left alone.

shayera :: "Yes on 8" Donor List Available
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It's interesting looking at where the money went ... (8.00 / 1)
It's also interesting to note the Mormons who were reimbursed by the Yes on 8 campaign for their efforts:

Expenditures made:


Lawrence Research (Gary Lawrence, Mormon pollster and Meridian contributor): $528,877.35

Eagle Foundation (a Mormon PAC set up by Bart Marcois and David Parker): $135,912.76

Glen Greener (former Salt Lake City Police Commissioner, Meridian contributor, and now a GOP operative and sometime Cali property developer): $50,236.42

Sonja Brown (Protectmarriage.com communications director): $41,844.00

Zion Multimedia Corp.: $2,000.00

Rob Wirthlin: $768.18

These kinds of campaigns are cash cows for the "grassroots organizers" and Prop 8 no doubt helped Gary Lawrence, Bart Marcois, David Parker and their LDS buddies to position themselves to be even bigger players the next time a similar initiative comes around. I've heard in comments over at my place that these guys were overheard gloating in the ward (church) hallway about the awesome lists that they now have in hand because of the Prop 8 effort.

There could very well be other Mormons in that list of payees, but I've mentioned the ones I recognize.

twitter.com/ChinoBlanco | youtube.com/ChinoBlanco

By the way ... (8.00 / 1)
This (from Fred Karger in his latest ABC interview) seems like the right mantra:  "They're (Mormons) perfectly allowed to be involved. It is legal for them to be involved in initiative campaigns. What they have to do is abide by the California election laws."

twitter.com/ChinoBlanco | youtube.com/ChinoBlanco

Mormongate: New questions emerge about LDS Church Prop 8 contributions (0.00 / 0)
Utah's ABC4 did a follow-up report, and Chris Vanocur was in high dudgeon
over the discrepancies between the LDS church and ProtectMarriage.com filings ...

twitter.com/ChinoBlanco | youtube.com/ChinoBlanco

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