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Senate Dems Introduce Gun Legislation

by: Brian Leubitz

Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 16:00:00 PM PST

Senate Democrats had been promising to outline a broad package of gun control legislation, and today they announced the full slate. In a press conference with leaders from across the state, including Mayors Lee and Villaraigosa, police chiefs and gun control activists, they announced the cornerstones of their work on the issue this year. Some of these already have numbers, others are still waiting to be filed.

1. Require Hand Gun Safety Certificate and Eliminate 30 Day Loan Requirement. (Marty Block, D-San Diego)
2. Clarifying that revolving shotguns are banned under California's Assault Weapons ban. (Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara)
3. Prohibit the possession of large capacity ammunition magazines. (Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley)
4. Allow the Department of Justice to use existing Department resources to provide enhanced enforcement of the Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS). (Leno/Steinberg)
5. Ban criminals and other dangerous persons from purchasing ammunition. (Kevin De Leon - D-LA)
6. Clarify "Bullet button" assault rifles are included in assault rifle ban. (Leland Yee, D-SF)
7. Ban semi-automatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines. (Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento)

While Democrats may lose a vote or two in either chamber, the big majorities mean that most of these will pass in some shape or form this session.  They may be tweaked, but some large package will surely be signed into law by Gov. Brown for next year.

This list, while impressive, emphasizes the need for federal gun control legislation. We must do this together, as a nation, in a process that works to include as many as possible in the discussion. California is one piece in that discussion.

Brian Leubitz :: Senate Dems Introduce Gun Legislation
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Leadership (4.00 / 1)
Clearly, the most effective gun control would be at the national level and my only complaint about the Democrats in Washington is that they have not moved soon enough of aggressively enough.  However, I am grateful for any progress.

I'm proud of what the California Legislature is doing.  I understand that state solutions are not as effective, but we can show the way and other states will follow suit.  

Yes, but... (4.00 / 1)
It's not that unusual for things like this to get adopted state by state first before reaching the national level.  Historically, the states are usually the ones leading the way before it gets adopted at the national level.  A recent (successful) example that I can think of is Canada's Universal Healthcare System.  As I understand it, the provinces began setting up their own systems before Canada as a whole enacted it.  Another example is the clean car rules.  Once more and more states begin adopting legislation like this, it will put pressure to adopt it at the national level.

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2/3rds majority (0.00 / 0)
THIS is the PERFECT use of the Democrats 2/3rds majority
Pass effective legislation to curb gun violence
Just make sure that your bills are effective and sensible

Let's see how well Democrats govern
You might want to listen to advice from Jerry Brown

Really? (0.00 / 0)
5. Ban criminals and other dangerous persons from purchasing ammunition. (Kevin De Leon - D-LA)

Talk about something that should've been a no-brainer years ago!

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