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California Leads Nation in Job Creation

by: Brian Leubitz

Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 14:56:52 PM PST

State economy peers up

by Brian Leubitz

California has some very powerful assets. People really want to live here, the weather is great, the state is beautiful, and we have a lot of well-educated workers. That should make it no surprise that the state's economy is growing now as the information economy rebounds.

Since February California has created almost 234,000 jobs, more than Texas, Oregon and West Virginia combined. (CBS)

While Rick Perry is busy trying to put a rosy spin on his corporate subsidy plan, California is building the economy of tomorrow.

Brian Leubitz :: California Leads Nation in Job Creation
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a completely unsurprising statistic (2.00 / 1)
California has 38 million people, a lot more than Texas, Oregon, and West Virginia combined.

I am tired of stories claiming that California has the most of something, whether that something is good or bad, without considering that California is by far the post populous state (Texas is a distant second with 26 million).

Californians also have more fingers and toes than Texans, Oregonians, and West Virginians combined.

Huh ?? (0.00 / 0)
If California had a Bad business climate.....

It would be Losing jobs !!
Right ??
We're Gaining jobs

I am proud of all our toes, though
Thanks for that timely information

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A Good Example of High Tech Leading to Blue Collar Work (5.00 / 1)
Here's an article on the San Francisco construction boom:


Twenty-two tower cranes dot the city. By year's end, there will be 26. Many of these cranes are for public projects rather than private development, yet these numbers are staggering by any historic standards. Local union halls' out-of-work lists are empty, and some unions are even calling in workers from other parts of the country.

I've worked in the computer field in the Bay Area for 22 years, most of it commuting to various soul-sucking office parks in Santa Clara County.  I'm now working in the city on Market, and loving it.  Loving the fact I am not in a car for 10 hours a week.  Loving that there are places nearby to which I can walk.

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