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Fracking up California: the new Gold Rush starts today

by: RLMiller

Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 07:00:24 AM PST

( - promoted by Brian Leubitz)

20121007monterey_thumbThe fossil fuel industry is eyeing a new Gold Rush in the Golden State: the Monterey Shale, a natural gas play stretching from Monterey County south to Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, and the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles County. It's said to hold more barrels than North Dakota's Bakken Formation. "several oil companies, including Venoco and Occidental, have reported they are experimenting in California's shale formations."

Last week a convention was held on unlocking the Golden State's shale resources, billed as "Be Part of the Biggest Thing to Hit California Since the Gold Rush!"

Today in Sacramento, the federal Bureau of Land Management is holding its first auction of 18,000 acres in Fresno, San Benito, and Monterey counties. A protest is being organized, complete with hazmat suits - you can RSVP here. If you can't make it to Sacramento, here's an online petition to tell the BLM - Don't frack California.

The jury is out on whether natural gas, which is mostly methane, is actually as clean burning as it's made out to be. California state regulators have lost track of whether California is being fracked; when they do re-regulate, they probably won't track methane emissions at all. California agricultural interests are concerned about fracking our food supply. An earthquake inducing, water intensive process doesn't seem like a good idea in an earthquake-prone, water-scarce state. The original Gold Rush pioneers didn't worry about environmental degradation as they chased shiny yellow riches. The frackers will likewise heedlessly harm our air and water. Unless we speak up.

I'm organizing folk concerned about fracking in California - if interested, respond in comments with your email address, or tweet me @RL_Miller.

RLMiller :: Fracking up California: the new Gold Rush starts today
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Anti-Frack Effort (0.00 / 0)
Please kosmail me. I want to work on this.


Fracking old story (0.00 / 0)
California has been doing something like Fracking sice the 1960's.  How do you think they get that heavy, sticky bitumen to come out of the ground W. of I5 in Kern County.   According to a story in High Country News, they us enough fresh water every year to support a city of a million people.

And, we have a Governor who never saw a CEQA exemption that he did not like.  So, are we really ready to take on Jerry?  

Changing CA, one open mind at a time.  

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