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Democratic Supermajority Achieved: Let's Chat Tomorrow

by: Brian Leubitz

Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 20:22:01 PM PST

PhotobucketChris Norby concedes tightest Assembly race - photo credit: Chris Prevatt

by Brian Leubitz

With the concession of Chris Norby to Sharon Quirk-Silva, the Democratic supermajority in the Assembly was finalized. The Democrats will hold 54 of the 80 seats there. In the Senate, the situation is slightly more confusing. Senator Juan Vargas was elected to replace Rep. Bob Filner in Congress, so we're looking at a special election in that Dem-leaning district.

That being said, what does the supermajority mean? Robert had a great take on the situation earlier this week. Tomorrow, I'll discuss the supermajority on KALW's Your Call radio. You can listen online here or tune in to 91.7 in San Francisco, or KUSP (88.9) in Santa Cruz.

Brian Leubitz :: Democratic Supermajority Achieved: Let's Chat Tomorrow
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Quirk vs. Quirk-Silva (0.00 / 0)
Just a quick note on something which will no doubt cause several years (hopefully twelve!) of confusion.

Quirk vs. Quirk-Silva.

Not sure what the odds are, but the people of California elected both a Bill Quirk and a Sharon Quirk-Silva to the Assembly this year.  No relation.

Assemblymember-elect Quirk-Silva was the Norbyslayer.

I look forward to tomorrow's discussion of what the unexpected two-thirds in both houses can bring about...but it may be a while.

You point out the Vargas vacancy, but on the horizon could be others...

Senator Curren Price may be headed to the L.A. Council chambers.  On the Assembly side, Bob Bumenfield is also running for a Council seat.

Plus, those Senate vacancies may be pursued by other Assemblymembers...  Creating more vacancies in the Assembly.

May be a little while until all the dominos have fallen and there are functioning two-thirds majorities in both houses.

That doesn't mean I'm any less hopeful about the direction of our state, or proud of my boss and Assembly teammates for doing what many claimed unthinkable.  Just may be a few months, that's all.

Great News (0.00 / 0)
What are the chances that Democrats will act in a responsible manner ?

Listen to governor Brown
Let's get some Real Reform enacted
Splitting the Property Tax rolls between commercial and private, housing property would be the biggie
It will require a vote of the people
But, DO IT !!

Maybe even the 2/3rs threshold for tax increases
60% would be reasonable and shouldn't alarm anyone
(other than the Tea Party crazies like the Howard Jarvis group)

Can California Democrats produce needed reforms ?
Listen to Jerry Brown

Re-Dsitricting Commission (5.00 / 1)
Just a thought...

Isn't THIS a Validation of the Re-Districting Commission ?

That was something pushed by the League of Women Voters and Common Cause and good government types

... and OPPOSED by Legislative Democrats

The voters were RIGHT about Redistricting
The Politicians were WRONG

Prop 13 (0.00 / 0)
Well, after the trolling post above, I don't know if anyone is going to see this but...

@Frisco, why do we need to put it to the people?  The Leg has the 2/3 they need, they should just do it.  We're not talking about a new tax, we're talking about reforming an existing one.  I'd rather not run the risk of voter manipulation through special interest campaigning.

I'm also inclined to want to reduce the sales tax if a retooling of Prop 13 is successful and generates sufficient revenue.  But I think there will need to be a lot of house cleaning to get rid of a lot of the corrupt politicians in light of the UC Regent scandal.  Also, we need to basically tell Wall Street (with support from the Feds) "we are basically declaring your illegal interest swap contracts null and void and wiping the slate clean."  I think it's something that the Federal government should do with all of these bad contracts and debts (because it can).  If Canada can do it (20 some-odd years ago) so can we.

Prop 13 (4.00 / 1)
Prop 13 is a Constitutional amendment
Any change to the Constitution requires a vote by the people

I'd rather have the Legislature make changes on their own
But, they can't
Changes to Prop 13 must be put to a vote of the people
It's not certain that it will pass, but let's try

[ Parent ]
Here are my ratings (0.00 / 0)
vs. the (tentative) results from the competitive California districts. (For how I got my Partisan Factor [PF] ratings, check this diary.)

CA-03: R+2.3 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-07: R+5.5 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-09: R+0.8 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-10: R+8.6 (GOP win predicted, GOP win result)
CA-24: R+3.7 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-26: R+3.8 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-36: R:7.9 (GOP win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-41: R+0.4 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-47: D+0.7 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
CA-52: R+6.3 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)

SD-05: R+6.9 (DEM win predicted, GOP win result)
SD-19: D+0.4 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
SD-27: R+3.0 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
SD-31: R+3.4 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
SD-39: R+0.0 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)

AD-08: R+4.2 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-16: R+0.6 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-21: R+3.8 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-32: R+4.3 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-40: R+5.8 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-44: R+5.8 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-60: R+8.4 (GOP win predicted, GOP win result)
AD-61: D+1.4 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-65: R+8.1 (GOP win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-66: R+4.1 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)
AD-78: D+4.3 (DEM win predicted, DEM win result)

I also posted a comparison of my predictions to the results nationwide on Daily Kos.

My blog


Unicameral (0.00 / 0)
Annother change that would improve California government would be a single chamber Legislature

Instead of having a Senate of 40 members and an Assembly of 80 members, why not have a Senate of 120 members ?
You'd only need to pass legislation through one chamber instead of two

Nebraska, a one-time Populist hotbed has a single chamber
California should too
I know, Fat chance

How about easing (or better yet removing) term limits ?
It would take a vote of the people
But, it should be done
I don't think the anti-government Tea Buggers are that popular anymore
12 - 16 years seems reasonable

More members (5.00 / 1)
You need to have enough legislators so the sizes of the districts are commensurate with the opportunity for voters to develop personal connections with legislators.  900,000 people to one senator is absurd. I'd suggest 360 legislators, minimum.  

[ Parent ]
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