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Prop 8 Ruling Tomorrow

by: Brian Leubitz

Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 11:47:35 AM PST

9th Circuit Announces Decision at 10AM tomorrow

by Brian Leubitz

The 9th Circuit has just announced that they will be releasing their opinion in Perry v Brown, otherwise known as the Prop 8 case, tomorrow. The opinion will be posted on their website.  Given that the 9th Circuit will likely be overwhelmed by traffic, we'll get links up to alternate sites as soon as we have them.

LGBT leaders will be gathering at the court in San Francisco tomorrow at 10AM for the decision, and then heading over to City Hall where clergy will be standing by to bless couples. (There will likely be a stay if Prop 8 is again ruled unconstitutional, so no real marriages.)

The team behind the lawsuit will, AFER, be llivestreaming their press conference with David Boies and Ted Olson.

Brian Leubitz :: Prop 8 Ruling Tomorrow
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