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Brown Signs Last of Slashing Budget Bills

by: Brian Leubitz

Tue Apr 05, 2011 at 11:59:08 AM PDT

Jerry Brown signed all but one of the budget bills a while ago, but he's been hanging on to the prison realignment bill for a while.  There were a bunch of reasons of this, but Brown's team never got around to saying any of them.  Well, he went ahead and signed it:

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill late Monday that aims to make a key part of his budget proposal a reality -- AB109, which authorizes the transfer of thousands of state prisoners to local jails (and also shifts various other criminal justice functions away from the state and down to the county level).

One problem: Brown planned to fund the measure with tax increases and extensions -- you know, the ones vehemently opposed by Republicans. The governor had hoped to put those taxes before voters in June, but threw in the towel last week after being stymied by that GOP opposition.(SF Chronicle)

So, yeah, the biggest reason for the delay would be that the state hasn't made any provisions to fund this transfer.  But, no matter how the deal goes down, it is tough to imagine that Brown can balance the budget without this component.  And I can't imagine the legislature, even if it is just the Democrats, would really want to vote on this measure for a second time.  So, Brown went ahead and signed it.

Ultimately, what this says to me is that Brown hasn't given up on this realignment/tax extensions plan.  He has a few months before the taxes expire, and as of yet, we're still waiting for signature gatherers on the streets.  If the Governor is aiming for a November election, the time line is getting rather short to go the way of the initiative.  Not desperate yet, but we would expect to see something soon.

Brian Leubitz :: Brown Signs Last of Slashing Budget Bills
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Signatures ? (5.00 / 1)
WHY aren't there signature gatherers on the Streets ?
Hopefully, the SEIU or the Teachers Union
Firefighters ? Police ?

If nothing else, it might put some heat of the Goopers
Compromise and get Some of your demands ....
Or let Democrats push referendums and get NONE of your demands

I keep remembering Idiot Obama trying to compromise with Republicans on Health Care

Goopers just want to gum up the works
IGNORE THEM and Get a DEMOCRATIC Program enacted

No Sig-Gatherers Because (4.00 / 1)
There are no signature-gatherers on the streets because it takes 60 days from the date you file an initiative before you can start qualifying a measure.

Yes, the time is short, but you can set the election whenever you want once the measures qualify.

About 3 weeks ago one "good" measure for an oil extraction tax ("to rescue education") was filed. More recently two "bad" initiatives were filed, public-employee pension reform and the "California Deficit Prevention Act." Nothing else of interest pending at the AG's office.

Here's an address (5.00 / 2)
As to where these amendments(poison pills/Suicide in some cases) can be found:

Initiative Proposals Pending Review By Attorney General

The following is how I'd vote on these measures, If that is they get on the ballot.

Yes!  1st "RE: Election Day Holiday"
NO!  2nd "RE: Article V Convention"
Yes! 3rd "Oil Extraction Fee to Rescue Education"
NO!   4th "Save Our Secret Ballot in California Act"
NO!   5th "California Deficit Prevention Act"
NO!   6th "Public Employee Pension Reform Act"

[ Parent ]
Oil tax measure bogus (2.00 / 1)
Sorry to say that Oil Extraction tax measure is a position paper, not an initiative. You have to submit an actual statutory draft and what they gave the AG is nothing more than a dense rhetorical argument or, charitably, a concept paper.  

[ Parent ]
Republicans may be poking a sleeping giant(Parents) (0.00 / 0)
on the News Republicans are now under attack by Parents for Republicans not wanting to extend the about to expire taxes, Cause It will mean K-12 will be cut, Next to be cut, Republicans in the Legislature, If this happens, Could It happen? You betcha... Republicans may be poking a sleeping giant(Parents), Could We have a nearly all Democratic legislature as a result? Maybe...

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