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PG&E Lies Again

by: Brian Leubitz

Tue May 04, 2010 at 17:00:00 PM PDT

There are a lot of bad actors in California government right now. There are special interests with special interests.  Yet if you had to look for a list of companies that are exploiting the state with deceptive tactics, you would be hard pressed to top PG&E.  

And the latest rebuke isn't even about Prop 16, their deceptive monopoly preservation proposition.  Instead, it is about Marin County's community choice aggregation (CCA) program, where PG&E is fighting to keep customers on their roles.  And lying to do it.

California utility regulators Monday warned Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to stop using telephone and direct-mail tactics that could derail competition from the state's first nonprofit group to offer electric service.

The warning letter from the California Public Utilities Commission came in the midst of PG&E's $35-million campaign to pass Proposition 16, a statewide initiative on the June 8 ballot aimed at making it harder for local governments and citizens to form nonprofits to provide electricity. ... (The PUC) said PG&E's mailers to customers were "misleading" and the utility "must refrain from sending any mailers of this nature in the future."(LA Times)

At this point, if there is a rule, PG&E will do its best to go as far as possible to violate it. If they make a promise, as they did with honoring the will of the people to create CCAs, is it worth anything any more?

We simply can't trust PG&E with a monopoly on power anymore.

Brian Leubitz :: PG&E Lies Again
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PG&E Lies Again | 1 comments
PG&E Lobbying (0.00 / 0)
As you can se from this link: http://californiawatch.org/wat...

PG&E spent $25 milliion lobbying last quarter.  More than $20 million more than the next highest lobbying group.

They are blitzing this state to get their way.

PG&E Lies Again | 1 comments
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