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Damon Dunn Wants To Run the State's Elections Now That He's Voted Once

by: Brian Leubitz

Wed Nov 11, 2009 at 18:29:03 PM PST

Damon Dunn and I have a lot in common. We both grew up in Texas, in the DFW Metroplex. We both are in our early thirties, and we both went undrafted out of college. Sure, he caught 4 passes in the NFL and 8 in the XFL and I never played a lick of organized football in my life. But, I think I might be ready.

After all, Damon Dunn is now running for Secretary of State. After voting once.

Orange County businessman Damon Dunn -- a wealthy former NFL player who has never run for statewide office -- formally kicked off his campaign for California Secretary of State today with some big GOP backing. But here's the twist: even as he seeks the job of chief state elections officer, Dunn told the Chronicle today that he has only voted once in his lifetime -- in May 2009.

Dunn, 33, says he's a real estate developer in Irvine and puts his net worth in the "multi-millionaire" category. (SF Gate Blogs 11/11/09)

Apparently, qualifications are overrated; money is all that matters these days. Now, I'm not saying that everybody who ever runs for statewide office needs to spend time in the Legislature. Hardly, as it isn't like that is the only source, or even a good source, of information on the issues facing the state. Yet, you would think that if somebody wanted to run for election to be the state's chief voting officer, he might have voted more than once in his life.

Debra Bowen has spent years fighting for election reform, working to make the process more transparent and open.  She has taken political risk in the name of good elections. And, you know, she has voted in many elections.

Why would the people of the State of California trade that in for a football player who made a few bucks in the real estate bubble? At any rate, if he gets to be SoS, I get to be the coach of the Raiders.  I mean, I've played Madden, and it can't really get much worse for the Raiders.

Brian Leubitz :: Damon Dunn Wants To Run the State's Elections Now That He's Voted Once
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I sense a pattern (0.00 / 0)
   The CA GOP is trying to appeal to occasional voters in 2010 by running a slate of candidates who only vote once in a while; Whitman, Fiorina and now this guy. You got a better explanation? (other than that they are rich and can self-fund...)

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